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  • Mad Hope

    Mad Hope
    Heather Birrell

    In the stories of Mad Hope, Heather Birrell finds the heart of her characters and lets them lead us into worlds both unrecognizable and alarming.

  • Fences in Breathing

    Fences in Breathing
    Nicole Brossard

    Fences in Breathing, first published and critically lauded in French as La capture du sombre, and now brought into English by the celebrated translator Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood, is a disquieting, dexterous and defiant missive, another …

  • Mrs Simcoe s Diary

    Mrs. Simcoe’s Diary
    Elizabeth Simcoe

    Elizabeth Simcoe's diary, describing Canada from 1791 to 1796, is history written as it was being made ? an account instilled with excitement and delight.

  • Pioneering Women

    Pioneering Women
    Lorraine McMullen, Sandra Campbell

    Pioneering Women is an anthology of short fiction written before 1880 by Canadian women, including Susanna Moodie, Catharine Parr Traill, and Rosanna Mullins Leprophon.

  • Twenty Miles

    Twenty Miles
    Cara Hedley

    Based largely on author Cara Hedley's three seasons on the University of Manitoba Bison, Twenty Miles celebrates women's hockey and offers an uncompromising look at the ways in which the sport both haunts and redeems the women who play it.

  • L M Montgomery s 142 Short Stories Completed

    L. M. Montgomery’s 142 Short Stories, Completed
    L.M. Montgomery

    Montgomery's Short Stories Part 1 A Case of Trespass A Christmas Inspiration A Christmas Mistake A Strayed Allegiance An Invitation Given on Impulse Detected by the Camera In Spite of Myself Kismet Lilian's Business Venture Miriam's Lover …

  • Fine Incisions

    Fine Incisions
    Eric Linn Ormsby

    Fine Incisions also draws connections between Ormsby's literary criticism and his travel writing; as his essay `Shadow Language' notes, the music of another language can seep pleasurably into a writer's work (and, as Ormsby also notes, the …

  • Imagined Nations

    Imagined Nations
    David Williams

    An in-depth look at the effects of change in modes of communication on imagined forms of political community through an examination of a series of Canadian novels and film adaptations.

  • Chronicles of Avonlea

    Chronicles of Avonlea
    L. M. Montgomery

    Chronicles of Avonlea I. The Hurrying of Ludovic II. Old Lady Lloyd III.

  • Rising Abruptly

    Rising Abruptly
    Gisèle Villeneuve

    Rising Abruptly is a perfect companion for anyone who likes to travel, loves a climber, or simply glories in the allure of the mountains."Even the unassuming day trips deliver their moments. The whiteouts. The going off route.

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