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  • The Meanderings of the Emily Chesley Reading Circle

    The Meanderings of the Emily Chesley Reading Circle
    Mark A. Rayner

    Following five years of exhaustive research, the Circle presents the first issue of its semi-annual Meanderings; this extraordinary collection contains an abridges excerpt from Emily's biography, Get Bent: Emily's Life of Speculation.

  • The Cost of Living

    The Cost of Living
    Mavis Gallant

    "The Cost of Living," the extraordinary title story, is about a company of strangers, shipwrecked over a chilly winter in a Parisian hotel and bound to one another by animosity as much as by unexpected love.

  • Varieties of Exile

    Varieties of Exile
    Mavis Gallant

    Mavis Gallant is the modern master of what Henry James called the international story, the fine-grained evocation of the quandaries of people who must make their way in the world without any place to call their own.

  • Pulpy and Midge

    Pulpy and Midge
    Jessica Westhead

    And then Dan’s oversexed wife, Beatrice, takes a shine to Pulpy, and Dan starts to think Midge is one hot tamale. Soon, the receptionist is smitten with Pulpy, Midge can’t get rid of Dan and Beatrice, and Pulpy’s job is in jeopardy.

  • Baloney

    Maxime Bock

    "Bock's language crackles with the energy of a Québécois folk song, impassioned and celebratory but also melancholy and cheekily ironic." —The New Yorker, on Atavisms A young, floundering author meets Robert "Baloney" Lacerte, an older, …

  • Seth

    Eric Hoffman, Dominick Grace

    These interviews, including one career-spanning, definitive interview between the volume editors and the artist published here for the first time, delve into Seth's output from its earliest days to the present.

  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    Mary Alice Downie, Barbara Robertson, Elizabeth Jane Errington, Charlotte Selina Bompas

    This selection of writings by twenty-nine women, known and unknown, professional and amateur, presents a unique portrait of Canada through time and space, from the seventeenth to the early twentieth centuries, from the Maritimes to British …

  • Penal Populism and Public Opinion

    Penal Populism and Public Opinion
    Julian V. Roberts

    The five countries examined are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

  • The Grand River

    The Grand River
    Marianne Brandis

    Each of us lives in a watershed, and this is the story of our world. In the images and words of two artists, The Grand River explores the river’s history, beginning with its formation after the end of the last Ice Age.

  • The Collected Poems of Miriam Waddington A Critical Edition Volume 2

    The Collected Poems of Miriam Waddington: A Critical Edition, Volume 2
    Miriam Waddington

    This anthology brings together, for the first time, the complete published works of Jewish Canadian poet Miriam Waddington and features a rare selection of previously unpublished poems.

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