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  • My Journey from Paris to Java

    My Journey from Paris to Java
    Honoré de Balzac

    In this delightful little volume, Honoré de Balzac, the renowned 19th century French novelist and playwright, takes readers on a short fantasy journey to the mystical island of Java where he – or rather the narrateur – encounters a deadly …

  • Rashomon and Other Stories

    Rashomon and Other Stories
    Ryunosuke Akutagawa

    This volume includes: In a Grove: An iconic, contradictory tale of the murder of a samurai in a forest near Kyoto told through three varying accounts Rashomon: A masterless samurai contemplates following a life of crime as he encounters an …

  • Ellery Queen s Japanese Golden Dozen

    Ellery Queen’s Japanese Golden Dozen
    Ellery Queen

    This book is a colorful collection of Japanese crime stories in English.

  • Traditional Japanese Theater

    Traditional Japanese Theater
    Karen Brazell, James T. Araki

    Introduces the genres of noh, kyogen, kabuki, and bunraku puppet theater, and offers translations of thirty of the best-known plays, with background information on their history, characters, staging, and significance Though Japan has a …

  • Sherlock in Shanghai

    Sherlock in Shanghai
    Xiaoqing Cheng

    Cheng Xiaoqing (1893 1976), The Grand Master of twentieth-century Chinese detective fiction, had first encountered Conan Doyle s highly popular stories as an adolescent.

  • Scripting Dance in Contemporary India

    Scripting Dance in Contemporary India
    Maratt Mythili Anoop, Varun Gulati

    Scripting Dance in Contemporary India is an edited volume that contributes to this field of Indian dance studies. The book engages with multiple dance forms of India and their representations.

  • The Philippine Temptation

    The Philippine Temptation
    Epifanio San Juan

    He uncovers hidden agendas in many previous accounts of U.S.-Philippine relations, and this book exemplifies how best to combine activist scholarship with historically grounded cultural commentary.

  • Quelling the Demons Revolt

    Quelling the Demons’ Revolt
    Guanzhong Luo

    In this Ming-era novel, historical narrative, raucous humor, and the supernatural are interwoven to tell the tale of an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the Song dynasty.

  • Women in the Hindu Tradition

    Women in the Hindu Tradition
    Mandakranta Bose

    This book brings together for the first time a wide range of material and offers fresh stimulating interpretations of women in the Hindu Tradition.

  • Fault Lines

    Fault Lines
    Miryam Sas

    This book traces the creative dialogue between France and Japan in the early 20th century, focusing on Surrealist and avant-garde writings that challenge and break apart clear and bounded conceptions of language, poetry, and meaning.

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