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  • Tibullus A Hellenistic Poet at Rome

    Tibullus: A Hellenistic Poet at Rome
    Francis Cairns

    This book will be of particular interest to students of Latin and Hellenistic Greek literature, and, as all Greek is translated, it should also be useful to students of comparative literature.

  • Shakespeare and the Classics

    Shakespeare and the Classics
    Charles Martindale, A. B. Taylor

    This accessible book offers a rounded and comprehensive treatment of Shakespeare's classicism and will be a useful first port of call for students and others approaching the subject.

  • Landscape and the Spaces of Metaphor in Ancient Literary Theory and Criticism

    Landscape and the Spaces of Metaphor in Ancient Literary Theory and Criticism
    Nancy Worman

    Explores a new area of ancient literary theory and criticism by examining how landscape and metaphor shape discussions of style.

  • The Emperor of the Sorcerers Book 1

    The Emperor of the Sorcerers, Book 1
    , Budhasvamin, James Mallinson

    Budha-svamin tells the epic tale of the youthful exploits of prince Nara-vahana-datta.

  • Latin Erotic Elegy

    Latin Erotic Elegy
    Paul Allen Miller

    This indispensable volume provides a complete course on Latin erotic elegy, allowing students to trace a coherent narrative of the genre's rise and fall, and to understand its relationship to the changes that marked the collapse of the …

  • The Cambridge Companion to Seneca

    The Cambridge Companion to Seneca
    Shadi Bartsch, Alessandro Schiesaro

    This Companion examines the complete works of Seneca in context and establishes the importance of his legacy in Western thought.

  • Homer s People

    Homer’s People
    Johannes Haubold

    The first study to examine the role and character of Homer's people in Homeric story-telling.

  • The Symposium A Treatise on Chastity Issue 27

    The Symposium: A Treatise on Chastity, Issue 27
    Saint Methodius (of Olympus)

    A monumental project which brings the English-speaking work key selections from the remarkable literature of early Christianity — vertiable trasures of Christian faith and theology in superb translations.

  • Literary Modernism and Musical Aesthetics

    Literary Modernism and Musical Aesthetics
    Brad Bucknell

    This book examines the theory and the practice of music, in relation to the writing of four major modernist figures: Walter Pater, Ezra Pound, James Joyce, and Gertrude Stein.

  • Petronii Arbitri Satirarum reliquiae

    Petronii Arbitri Satirarum reliquiae
    Petronius Arbiter, Franz Buecheler

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