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  • The Complete Guide to Planning Your Estate in Ohio

    The Complete Guide to Planning Your Estate in Ohio
    Linda C. Ashar, Sandy Baker

    The Complete Guide to Planning Your Estate in Ohio will help you glide through this complicated process. This new book has been adapted to offer Ohio residents state-specific advice for estate planning.

  • Thomas on Powers

    Thomas on Powers
    Geraint Thomas

    This edition covers the problematic interaction of powers of revocation and sham trusts; the scope and effects of powers of amendment; the powers and role of protectors of offshore trusts; and the powers of directors of companies; and the …

  • Wills Trusts and Estates Tenth Edition

    Wills, Trusts, and Estates, Tenth Edition
    Robert H. Sitkoff, Jesse Dukeminier

    Wills, Trusts, and Estates

  • Comparative Succession Law

    Comparative Succession Law
    Kenneth Reid, Marius de Waal, Reinhard Zimmermann

    Intestate Succession is the second volume in the Comparative Succession Law series which examines the principles of succession law from a comparative and historical perspective.

  • Long Term Care

    Long-Term Care
    Joseph Matthews

    People need help making good decisions about choosing and paying for long-term care. As long-term care options expand, the need for reliable, unbiased, plain-English information grows.

  • Wills Trusts and Estates

    Wills, Trusts, and Estates
    Reid Kress Weisbord, David Horton, Stephen K. Urice

    Written by well-recognized scholars in the field, Wills, Trusts, and Estates: The Essentials by Reid Weisbord, David Horton, and Steven Urice provides a unique platform for teaching Trusts and Estates as an accessible, engaging area of the …

  • Who Gets It When You Go

    Who Gets It When You Go?
    David C. Larsen

    In this readable, understandable introduction to estate planning in Hawaii, the author describes basic concepts such as what happens when one dies without a will, the elements of a simple will, the mechanics of probate procedure, and more.

  • Preserving Your Wealth

    Preserving Your Wealth
    L. William Schmidt

    This guide helps residents understand the purpose of probate and how estate planning can preserve the fruits of their labors for the benefit of their families.

  • Quick Legal Will Book

    Quick & Legal Will Book
    Denis Clifford

    The book provides all the forms you need, including all purpose wills for a: single person with no children single person with children married person with children married person with no children The 8th edition is revised to reflect …

  • Successioni e donazioni Seconda edizione

    Successioni e donazioni. Seconda edizione
    Lorenzo Balestra, Mauro di Marzio (a cura di)

    L’opera, nella sua nuova edizione aggiornata alla legge 10 dicembre 2012, n. 219, in materia di filiazione, e successivo recentissimo decreto legislativo attuativo (28 dicembre 2013, n. 154 Revisione delle disposizioni vigenti in materia …

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