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  • The Idea of Private Law

    The Idea of Private Law
    Ernest J Weinrib

    This revised edition makes accessible one of the major works of modern legal theory. It includes a new introduction by the author, looking back at the work, its origins, and its aspirations.

  • Optimize Tort Law

    Optimize Tort Law
    Brendan Greene

    These concise revision guides cover the most commonly taught topics, and provide you with the tools to: Understand the law and remember the details using diagrams and tables throughout to demonstrate how the law fits together Contextualise …

  • Unlocking Torts

    Unlocking Torts
    Chris Turner

    This third edition is fully up-to-date with the latest developments in the law and now includes all significant new cases, more discussion of consumer protection and recent information on proposed statutory developments in the area of …

  • Atiyah s Accidents Compensation and the Law

    Atiyah’s Accidents, Compensation and the Law
    Peter Cane, P. S. Atiyah

    The definitive text on personal injury law, now updated to take into account recent significant changes in the law.

  • Tort Law in America

    Tort Law in America
    G. Edward White

    This history of tort law in America looks at how the subject has been conceptualized, pointing out why changes in rules occurred, and who did the changing.

  • Tort Law Text and Materials

    Tort Law: Text and Materials
    Mark Lunney, Ken Oliphant

    The fifth edition of Lunney and Oliphant's market-leading tort law text provides a complete, authoritative guide to the subject.

  • Toxic Tort Litigation

    Toxic Tort Litigation
    D. Alan Rudlin

    Trying a toxic tort case is unlike other high-stakes litigation. This guide explores the legal elements that distinguish toxic tort litigation, explaining theories of liability and damages as well as procedural and substantive defenses.

  • Schechter s A Short and Happy Guide to Torts

    Schechter’s A Short and Happy Guide to Torts
    Roger Schechter

    As the series title promises, the author has kept it short, and the book will make students happy. Learn more about this series at

  • Tort Law in Poland Germany and Europe

    Tort Law in Poland, Germany and Europe
    Bettina Heiderhoff, Grzegorz ┼╗mij

    "This book represents the outcome of a conference, which was attended by Polish and German scholars and discusses miscellaneous topics, relating to current problems in tort law, that prove crucial in the light of current European practice"- …

  • In Search of Corporate Accountability

    In Search of Corporate Accountability
    Stefan H. C. Lo

    This book adopts a theory of interactive (corrective) justice that is applied in the corporate context to justify the imposition of civil liability on responsible directors, shareholders and other corporate participants under Anglo …

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