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  • Uncertain Causation in Medical Liability

    Uncertain Causation in Medical Liability
    Lara Khoury

    This book analyses and criticises the use of these various techniques by the courts of England, Australia, Canada, France, and the civilian Canadian province of Quebec in confronting evidentiary causal difficulties caused by the …

  • Tort Law for Paralegals

    Tort Law for Paralegals
    Neal R. Bevans

    Here is broad coverage of all the key topics in tort law that paralegals need to know, written in an engaging style with plenty of examples and illustrations.

  • Essential Cases on Misconduct

    Essential Cases on Misconduct
    Bénédict Winiger, Ernst Karner, Director of the Institute for European Tort Law Ken Oliphant, Ken Oliphant

    Criteria for Assessment — 4. The Relevance of Statutory Norms — 5. The Relevance of Non-Statutory Norms — D. An Objective or Subjective Standard? — 6. Special Skill or Expertise — 7. Inexperience or Lack of Skill — 8. Age — 9.

  • The Idea of Private Law

    The Idea of Private Law
    Ernest J Weinrib

    This revised edition makes accessible one of the major works of modern legal theory. It includes a new introduction by the author, looking back at the work, its origins, and its aspirations.

  • Tort Reform by Contract

    Tort Reform by Contract
    Paul H. Rubin

    The author argues that there is a current crisis in tort law and advocates that a return to a more widespread use of contracts in three areas – product liability, medical malpractice, and some aspects of automobile accidents.

  • Optimize Tort Law

    Optimize Tort Law
    Brendan Greene

    These concise revision guides cover the most commonly taught topics, and provide you with the tools to: Understand the law and remember the details using diagrams and tables throughout to demonstrate how the law fits together Contextualise …

  • Emanuel Law Outlines for Torts

    Emanuel Law Outlines for Torts
    Steven L. Emanuel

    The most trusted name in law school outlines, Emanuel Law Outlines support your class preparation, provide reference for your outline creation, and supply a comprehensive breakdown of topic matter for your entire study process.

  •  Por qu se es responsable jur dicamente

    ¿Por qué se es responsable jurídicamente?
    Ángel Sánchez de la Torre, Isabel Araceli Hoyo Sierra

    La aventura de conocer el significado de la responsabilidad, entendida como noci¢n propia y reveladora de la vigencia de un ordenamiento jur¡dico, e incluso como argumento demostrativo de la necesidad de que exista el ordenamiento …

  • Legalese to English Torts

    Legalese to English: Torts
    Elura Nanos, Michele Sileo

    This workbook includes writing exercises and recipes that will guide students from the first day of class through the final exam!

  • Unification of Tort Law Wrongfulness

    Unification of Tort Law:Wrongfulness
    Helmut Koziol, Francesco Donato Busnelli

    Covers various European countries and South Africa.

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