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  • A Sustainable Future for the Mediterranean

    A Sustainable Future for the Mediterranean
    Guillaume Benoit, Aline Comeau

    This is a must-have reference for all levels of government, NGOs and libraries, as well as practitioners, academics and businesses involved in economics, natural resource management, land and maritime transport, water, energy, …

  • The Last Oasis

    The Last Oasis
    Sandra Postel

    In The Last Oasis, Sandra Postel examines the economic, ecological and political factors affecting fresh water supply.

  • Blue Revolution

    Blue Revolution
    Ian Calder

    'Blue Revolution upturns some environmental applecarts – not for the hell of it, but so we can manage our environment better.

  • Native Peoples and Water Rights

    Native Peoples and Water Rights
    Kenichi Matsui

    Through a combination of field work and archival research, Kenichi Matsui offers an original and pioneering overview of the evolution of water law and agricultural policies in the Canadian west.

  • Collaborative Environmental Management

    Collaborative Environmental Management
    Tomas M. Koontz

    The goal of this work is to analyze data from a variety of cases to explain how the different roles government plays in collaborative environmental management lead to different processes and outcomes.

  • Economics of Outdoor Recreation

    Economics of Outdoor Recreation
    Marion Clawson, Jack L. Knetsch

    This book is one of the first to supply the means for evaluating recreational resources in economic terms. Originally published in 1967.

  • EU Energy Law and Policy

    EU Energy Law and Policy
    Kim Talus

    Providing a critical examination of EU energy law and policy in its wider context, this book takes into account international energy markets and international energy policies, the economics of energy market regulation, geopolitical aspects …

  • Our Common Seas

    Our Common Seas
    Don Hinrichsen

    Hinrichsen, basing his work on United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) research and his own extensive travels, has described the situation in the Mediterranean, the Gulf, the Indian Ocean, the South-East Asian Seas and the Eastern …

  • Privatizing Water

    Privatizing Water
    Karen Bakker

    In Privatizing Water, Karen Bakker focuses on three questions: Why did privatization emerge as a preferred alternative for managing urban water supply?

  • Global Environmental Governance

    Global Environmental Governance
    James Gustave Speth, Peter Haas

    Written by Gus Speth, one of the architects of the international environmental movement, and accomplished political scientist Peter M. Haas, Global Environmental Governance tells the story of how the community of nations, nongovernmental …

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