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  • Court Martial How Military Justice Has Shaped America from the Revolution to 9 11 and Beyond

    Court-Martial: How Military Justice Has Shaped America from the Revolution to 9/11 and Beyond
    Chris Bray

    Bray explores how encounters of freed slaves with the military justice system during the Civil War anticipated the civil rights movement, and he explains how the Uniform Code of Military Justice came about after World War II. With a great …

  • Corporation Tax Act 2009 Part 4

    Corporation Tax Act 2009, Part 4

    Royal assent, 26th March 2009.

  • The future of EU financial regulation and supervision

    The future of EU financial regulation and supervision
    Great Britain: Parliament: House of Lords: European Union Committee

    Evidence taken before Sub-committee A (Economic and Financial Affairs and International Trade)

  • Handbook on European Competition Law

    Handbook on European Competition Law
    Ioannis Lianos, Damien Geradin

    This Handbook will be an indispensable reference work for practitioners and scholars, as well as for those in an enforcement environment.

  • Regulating Shale Gas

    Regulating Shale Gas
    Leonie Reins

    Regulating Shale Gas discusses the regulatory context of shale gas in the European Union and draws conclusions on the EU’s broader approach towards the regulation of new technologies.

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    Правоведение: Учебник для военных вузов
    Ефремов Олег Юрьевич

    В учебнике излагаются основные положения теории права и государства, рассматриваются отдельные отрасли российского права, …

  • Law and Morality at War

    Law and Morality at War
    Adil Ahmad Haque

    Drawing on cutting-edge debates in moral philosophy, this work proposes how the laws of war can be evaluated, criticized, and reformed, making a valuable and timely contribution to a pressing international debate.–

  • Construction Contracts

    Construction Contracts
    J. R. Murdoch, Will Hughes

    A fully revised edition of the UK's leading textbook on the law governing construction contracts, as well as their management and administration.

  • From Mercenaries to Market

    From Mercenaries to Market
    Simon Chesterman, Chia Lehnardt

    This volume examines the interaction between regulation and market forces and analyzes the current legal framework and the needs and possibilities for regulation in the years ahead.

  • Military Justice A Very Short Introduction

    Military Justice: A Very Short Introduction
    Eugene R. Fidell

    This book opens a window on the military judicial system, offering an accessible and balanced assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of military legal regimes around the world.

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