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  • Clinical Forensic Medicine

    Clinical Forensic Medicine
    W. D. S. McLay

    Now in its third edition, this book is an essential text for practitioners of clinical forensic medicine and for those who take them through judicial proceedings, be they prosecutors or defence lawyers.

  • Psychiatric Expert Testimony

    Psychiatric Expert Testimony
    Kenneth J. Weiss, Clarence Watson

    The book avoids standard applications, such as the insanity defense and specific capacity assessments, in favor of those that may be controversial or require evidentiary hearings.

  • Arzt und Sozialrecht

    Arzt und Sozialrecht
    Arnold Erlenkämper

    In übersichtlicher Gliederung und straffer Form erschließt das vorliegende Werk das gesamte Recht der sozialen Sicherheit, soweit es für den Arzt von Bedeutung ist.

  • Genes and Insurance

    Genes and Insurance
    Marcus Radetzki, Marian Radetzki, Niklas Juth

    Along with considerations of autonomy and privacy, this is the basis for an ethical critique of insurer's access to information.

  • Physician Assistant Legal Handbook

    Physician Assistant Legal Handbook
    Patricia A. Younger, Aspen Health Law Center

    This book, written for PAs, PA students, institutional and physician e mployers of PAs, and health care lawyers, is a comprehensive reference on laws impacting physician assistant practice.

  • Medical Records Review and Analysis

    Medical Records Review and Analysis
    Charles C. Sharpe

    An introduction and reference to the basic legal principles of obtaining, reviewing, interpreting, and understanding the documents in a typical medical record.

  • Matching Organs with Donors

    Matching Organs with Donors
    Marie-Andree Jacob

    Matching Organs with Donors deepens our understanding of the law and management of informed consent, decision-making among hospital professionals, and the shadowy borders between altruism and commerce.


    June M. Sullivan

    This concise, practical guide helps the advocate understand the sometimes dense rules in advising patients, physicians, and hospitals, and in litigating HIPAA-related issues.

  • Essentials of Autopsy Practice

    Essentials of Autopsy Practice
    Guy N. Rutty

    This book covers new and exciting topics which have emerged in the area of autopsy recently, including the three different post-mortem CT-angiography systems currently available to practitioners in this field; a highly topical chapter on …

  • F r ein neues Transplantationsgesetz

    Für ein neues Transplantationsgesetz
    Thomas Gutmann

    Das Transplantationsgesetz (TPG ) ist am 1.

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