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  • Medical Malpractice

    Medical Malpractice
    Richard E. Anderson

    What is behind the medical malpractice crisis?

  • Medical Malpractice and the U S Health Care System

    Medical Malpractice and the U.S. Health Care System
    William M. Sage, Rogan Kersh

    This book connects medical liability to broader trends and goals in American health policy.

  • Medical Malpractice

    Medical Malpractice
    Frank Mcclellan

    From practical to philosophical considerations, this succinct, clear presentation of medical malpractice issues is a valuable resource for the classroom and the reference shelf.

  • Sacred Calling Secular Accountability

    Sacred Calling, Secular Accountability
    Ronald K. Bullis

    This effort to protect clients is embedded in ethical and legal principles, but rarely addressed in the mental health literature. This book will fill that gap by offering a clear understanding of the context of the law.

  • At Their Mercy

    “At Their Mercy”
    Junior Bodine

    My Wife’s Death I see my self as saving patients lives and money.

  • Legal Issues in Counselling Psychotherapy

    Legal Issues in Counselling & Psychotherapy
    Peter Jenkins

    Providing much-needed advice and reference, this book examines the rapidly growing range of situations in which therapists find themselves in contact with the law.

  • Hospital Liability

    Hospital Liability
    James Walker Smith

    Whether you represent hospitals, physicians or their patients, this acclaimed publication analyzes the impact of the latest statutes, regulations, cases and trends.

  • Medical Malpractice

    Medical Malpractice
    Panteleymon L. Hiltz

    This book provides an overview of the current medical malpractice insurance situation and recent laws relevant to this issue.

  • Pro Se Reference

    Pro Se Reference

    Princess Shlilah is a story about a Princess who helped Captain Kicef and his crew to escape from the planet Zephir.

  • Bendectin and Birth Defects

    Bendectin and Birth Defects
    Michael D. Green

    Michael D. Green offers a comprehensive overview of the Benedictin case and highlights many of the key issues in mass toxic substances litigation, comparing individual and collective forms of litigation, and illustrating the …

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