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  • Legal Services Regulation at the Crossroads

    Legal Services Regulation at the Crossroads
    Noel Semple

    What characteristics must these services possess? Through a comparative study of English-speaking jurisdictions, this book illuminates the policy choices involved in legal services regulation a

  • Mobile technology in policing

    Mobile technology in policing
    Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Committee of Public Accounts

    The Committee is not convinced this will be sufficient. The Department did not consider properly how the mobile devices could be used to improve ways of working and make efficiency savings.

  • Legal Aid Reform

    Legal Aid Reform
    Great Britain. Dept. for Constitutional Affairs, Legal Services Commission

    These proposals follow on from three other documents: i) the Government's long-term strategy for legal aid 'A fairer deal for legal aid' published in July 2005 (Cm 6591, ISBN 0101659121); ii) the recommendations of the independent review of …

  • The Guide to U S Legal Analysis and Communication

    The Guide to U.S. Legal Analysis and Communication
    Deborah B. McGregor, Cynthia M. Adams

    Written primarily for the international lawyer studying law in the United States, this text introduces students to legal analysis and communications used in U.S. legal practice.

  • Rendez vous avec la mort

    Rendez-vous avec la mort
    Etienne Montero Redondo

    Les publications consacrées à l’euthanasie sont nombreuses.

  • Resolving Mass Disputes

    Resolving Mass Disputes
    Christopher Hodges, Astrid Stadler

    Raising a series of questions on resolving mass disputes, and fuelling future debate, this book will provide a challenging and thought-provoking read for law academics, practitioners and policy-makers.

  • Las costas en el proceso civil romano

    Las costas en el proceso civil romano
    Alfonso Agudo Ruiz

    Las costas procesales no han recibido una gran atención por parte de la doctrina romanística, la cual, por regla general, se ha detenido en el estudio de aspectos parciales del tema.

  • Counsel for the Deceived

    Counsel for the Deceived
    Philip G. Schrag

    " This book is a unique demonstration of a rare ability to report true crime as it occurs in everyday life. It is a witty and perceptive analysis of the actual working of our government and our courts.

  • Who Rules Japan

    Who Rules Japan?
    Leon Wolff, Luke Nottage, Kent Anderson

    The dramatic growth of the Japanese economy in the postwar period, and its meltdown in the 1990s, has attracted sustained interest in the power dynamics underlying the management of Japanês administrative state.

  • First Thing We Do Let s Deregulate All the Lawyers

    First Thing We Do, Let’s Deregulate All the Lawyers
    Clifford Winston, Robert W. Crandall, Vikram Maheshri

    The book provides a much-needed analysis of why legal costs are so high and how they can be reduced without sacrificing the quality of legal services.

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