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  • Conference Skills

    Conference Skills
    Rosemary Samwell-Smith, Marcus Soanes

    Where appropriate, the manuals contain worked examples, sample documentation, and exercises Covering all aspects of the client interview, Conference Skills is designed to help trainee barristers develop the key written, interpersonal, and …

  • The China Legal Development Yearbook

    The China Legal Development Yearbook
    Lin Li

    Various aspects of law and regulation that are giving shape to China’s legal system are examined in this volume of the Yearbook.

  • Legal Counsel Frequently Asked Questions about the Law Book 2

    Legal Counsel: Frequently Asked Questions about the Law, Book 2
    Les Vandor

    Addressing ordinary people asking ordinary questions and seeking simple, straightforward answers about the law, these books are designed to cover everything from birth to death.

  • Antitrust between EU law and national law Antitrust fra diritto nazionale e diritto dell Unione Europea

    Antitrust between EU law and national law / Antitrust fra diritto nazionale e diritto dell’Unione Europea
    Enrico Adriano Raffaelli

    This work contains the papers of the Tenth Conference on “Antitrust between EU Law and national law”, held in Treviso on May 17 and 18 , 2012 under the patronage of the European Lawyers Union – Union des Avocats Européens (UAE), the …

  • Les fronti res du droit priv europ en The Boundaries of European Private Law

    Les frontières du droit privé européen / The Boundaries of European Private Law
    Elise Poillot, Isabelle Rueda

    This book considers these phenomena by successively adopting a general/methodological and a specific/disciplinary approach. The degree of Europeanisation varies depending on the legal field involved.

  • Constitutional Violence Legitimacy Democracy and Human Rights

    Constitutional Violence: Legitimacy, Democracy and Human Rights
    Antoni Abat i Ninet

    Antoni Abat i Ninet strives to resolve these apparently exclusive public and legal sovereignties, using their various avatars across the globe as case studies.

  • Code de la s curit informatique et t l com

    Code de la sécurité informatique et télécom
    Eric Barbry, Alain Bensoussan, Virginie Bensoussan-Brulé

    La sécurité des biens et des personnes est un droit fondamental reconnu par les textes fondateurs des droits de l’homme, tant au niveau national qu’européen.

  • Petit lexique juridique

    Petit lexique juridique
    Édouard Umberto Goût, Frédéric-Jérôme Pansier

    L’apprentissage des définitions relevant de la science juridique est une étape indispensable à tout juriste.

  • New frontiers of antitrust 2014

    New frontiers of antitrust 2014
    Joaquín Almunia, Chris Fonteijn, Peter Freeman, Douglas Ginsburg, Thomas Graf, Benoît Hamon, Nathalie Homobono, Laurence Idot, Alexander Italianer, Frédéric Jenny, William Kovacic, Bruno Lasserre, George Milton, Andreas Mundt, Anne Perrot, Matthew Readings, Howard A. Shelanski, Mélanie Thill-Tayara, Wouter Wils, Joshua Wright

    The volume ends by a contribution of Minister Benoît Hamon on the French class action. This work was published in the collection under the scientific direction of Professor Laurence Idot.

  • Convention europ enne des droits de l homme

    Convention européenne des droits de l’homme
    Rusen Ergec, Jacques Velu

    L’ouvrage tend à étudier une matière qui a pris une place prépondérante dans l’ordre juridique des quarante-sept États membres du Conseil de l’Europe, qui recouvrent plus de huit cents vingt millions de personnes, en ce compris …

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