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  • Contextual Subjects

    Contextual Subjects
    Robert Leckey

    This is a unique assertion and Leckey is undoubtedly successful in defending it throughout the book.

  • The Smart Divorce

    The Smart Divorce
    Deborah Moskovitch

    This guide coaches separating couples how to build a shortlist of the best divorce attorneys in their area, how to conduct an interview to find the right one, and what the full range of legal options are for each case.

  • Divorce Money

    Divorce & Money
    Violet Woodhouse, Lina Guillen

    Turn to Divorce & Money, the acclaimed guide to evaluating and dividing assets during divorce, to avoid making financial mistakes that could affect you for the rest of your life.

  • Family Law

    Family Law
    Frances Burton

    This second edition has been fully updated in the light of on-going changes to the family justice system including: the modernisation of family justice including the new Family Court Atypical formation of the contemporary family: genetic, …

  • Le droit europĂ en des successions

    Le droit européen des successions
    Andrea Bonomi, Patrick Wautelet

    Le nouveau droit international privé européen des successions, qui est entré en vigueur en août 2015, prévoit des règles permettant de répondre à ces questions.

  • Modern Indian Family Law

    Modern Indian Family Law
    Werner Menski

    Readers will find in this book a representative overview of the major issues and topics in current developments in Indian family law.

  • Children Courts and Custody

    Children, Courts, and Custody
    Andrew Schepard

    This book provides an overview of these trends in law, conflict resolution and mental health and the empirical research that supports them.

  • Making an Impact Children and Domestic Violence

    Making an Impact – Children and Domestic Violence
    Chris Pearson, Nicola Harwin, Marianne Hester

    Highlighting the success of multi-agency approaches, the final part details practical issues for interventions with children and their carers, male perpetrators, and, new to this edition, women.

  • Trust e altre tutele del patrimonio familiare

    Trust e altre tutele del patrimonio familiare
    Alessandra Arceri, Mauro Bernardini, Michele Bucchi

  • The Legal Status of Persons Admitted for Family Reunion

    The Legal Status of Persons Admitted for Family Reunion
    Steve Peers

    Family reunification is one of the major sources of immigration in most European states. This study does not examine admission policy with regard to family members. It focuses on the status granted once they have arrived.

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