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  • Running for Judge

    Running for Judge
    Matthew J. Streb

    As its title suggests, this collection is a sort of human list and found department.

  • Our Martens F F Martens International Lawyer and Architecht of Peace

    Our Martens:F.F. Martens, International Lawyer and Architecht of Peace
    Vladimir Vasilʹevich Pustogarov, William Elliott Butler

    The rule of law, peace, disarmament, human rights: these are no longer empty words, but legal concepts steadily gaining force among nations.

  • Justice Reform and Development

    Justice Reform and Development
    Linn A. Hammergren

    This book explores the objectives pursued in donor programs, the methods used to advance them, and the underlying assumptions and strategies.

  • The Crypto Controversy A Key Conflict in the Information Society

    The Crypto Controversy:A Key Conflict in the Information Society
    Bert-Jaap Koops

    This is not yet another study of the crypto controversy to conclude that this or that interest is paramount. This is not a study commissioned by a government, nor is it a report that campaigns on the electronic frontier.

  • Making All the Difference

    Making All the Difference
    Martha Minow

    By illuminating the many ways in which people differ from one another, this book shows how lawyers, political theorist, teachers, parents, students—every one of us—can make all the difference,

  • Nietzsche and Legal Theory

    Nietzsche and Legal Theory
    Peter Goodrich, Mariana Valverde

    Features an anthology designed to provide legal and socio-legal scholars with a sense of the wide range of projects and questions.

  • First Amendment Studies in Arkansas

    First Amendment Studies in Arkansas
    Stephen Smith

    This collection of fourteen essays written by young communication scholars at the University of Arkansas presents unique insights into how First Amendment issues have played out in the state.

  • E copyright Law Handbook

    E-copyright Law Handbook
    Laura Lee Stapleton

    The Handbook 's user-friendly format provides easy access to practice tips,useful forms,an index of all the applicable statutes and a listing of additional legal resources for practitioners.

  • Transformative Transitional Justice and the Malleability of Post Conflict States

    Transformative Transitional Justice and the Malleability of Post-Conflict States
    Padraig McAuliffe

    This book explores transitional justice’s prospects for seeking economic justice and reform of structures of poverty in the specific context of post-conflict states.



    Este libro se ha publicado fuera de los Estados Unidos deNorteamérica, debido a que su autor ha preferido no correr riesgos superfluos en la divulgación de dicha obra.

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