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  • Big Data in Context

    Big Data in Context
    Thomas Hoeren, Barbara Kolany-Raiser

    This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This book sheds new light on a selection of big data scenarios from an interdisciplinary perspective.

  • Internet Policy and Economics

    Internet Policy and Economics
    William H. Lehr, Lorenzo Maria Pupillo

    Applying insights from economics, political science, law, business, and communications, the book will serve as essential resource for researchers and students, policymakers and regulators, and industry analysts and practitioners.

  • Dispute Resolution in Sport

    Dispute Resolution in Sport
    David McArdle

    An increasing number of sport disputes are being resolved by way of arbitration. This is the first book to critically examine the processes and benefits of sportspecific arbitration as compared to litigation.

  • Urhebervertragsrecht in der Reform

    Urhebervertragsrecht in der Reform
    Karl-Nikolaus Peifer

    In einem zweiten Teil finden sich die Stellungnahmen von Verbänden und interessierter Kreise. Abgerundet wird das Werk durch eine Einleitung und einen Kommentar zu den Stellungnahmen aus der Sicht der Entwurfsverfasser.

  • The Language of Defamation Cases

    The Language of Defamation Cases
    Roger W. Shuy

    In The Language of Defamation Cases, Roger W. Shuy describes eleven representative lawsuits–involving newspapers, television stations, religious leaders, physicians, teachers, entertainers, unions, insurance companies, and manufacturers- …

  • Community Management of Natural Resources in Africa

    Community Management of Natural Resources in Africa
    Dilys Roe, Fred Nelson, Chris Sandbrook

    Provides a pan-African synthesis of community-based natural resource management (CBNRM), drawing on multiple authors and a wide range of documented experiences from Southern, Eastern, Western and Central Africa.

  • McNae s Essential Law for Journalists

    McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists
    Mark Hanna, Mike Dodd

    Precise and lucid in its treatment of practical detail, McNae's Essential Law for Journalists is the unrivalled handbook for students of journalism and professionals.

  • Genital Autonomy

    Genital Autonomy:
    George C. Denniston, Frederick M. Hodges, Marilyn Fayre Milos

    The papers presented in this volume address these topics from a variety of angles. They question and dissects the true motivations of the doctors, witch doctors, and “holy men” who promote and profit from circumcision.

  • Should Trees Have Standing

    Should Trees Have Standing?
    Christopher D. Stone

    This enduring work continues to serve as the definitive statement as to why trees, oceans, animals, and the environment as a whole should be bestowed with legal rights, so that the voiceless elements in nature are protected for future …

  • Reality Television Contracts

    Reality Television Contracts
    Battista Paul, Hayley Hughes

    This guide also includes: •A brief history of reality television •A breakdown of how ideas develop and of the "players" involved •Reviews of and comments on agreement templates for all parties in the development and production stages …

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