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  • Cambridge University Student Union International 2003 2004

    Cambridge University Student Union International 2003-2004
    Christian Kim

    The Cambridge University Students Union International, and the issues faced by international students at Cambridge University.

  • The 50 American

    The 50% American
    Stanley A. Renshon

    Comprehensive in scope, this book examines recent immigration trends, tracing the assimilation process that immigrants to the United States undergo and describing how federal, state, and local governments have dealt with volatile issues …

  • Revisiting US VISIT

    Revisiting US-VISIT
    David Santana Ortiz

    In January 2004, spurred by the events of September 11, 2001, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security inaugurated a new system for the tracking of foreign visitors at ports of entry to the United States: the United States Visitor and …

  • Nations of Emigrants

    Nations of Emigrants
    Susan Bibler Coutin

    Coutin analyzes the case of emigration from El Salvador to the United States to consider how current forms of migration challenge conventional understandings of borders, citizenship, and migration itself.

  • Study on Obstacles to Effective Access of Irregular Migrants to Minimum Social Rights

    Study on Obstacles to Effective Access of Irregular Migrants to Minimum Social Rights
    Ryszard Ignacy Cholewinski

    This is done in the light of the Council of Europe's concern to promote human rights, maintain social cohesion and prevent racism and xenophobia, in counterbalance to the more restrictive approach to illegal migration adopted by the EU. …

  • Immigration and the Constraints of Justice

    Immigration and the Constraints of Justice
    Ryan Pevnick

    This book explores the constraints which justice imposes on immigration policy. Like liberal nationalists, Ryan Pevnick argues that citizens have special claims to the institutions of their states.

  • Sacrificing Families

    Sacrificing Families
    Leisy J. Abrego

    Sacrificing Families offers a first-hand look at Salvadoran transnational families, how the parents fare in the United States, and the experiences of the children back home.

  • Making People Illegal

    Making People Illegal
    Catherine Dauvergne

    Making People Illegal evaluates why migration law in the twenty-first century is markedly different from even the recent past, and argues that this is a harbinger of paradigm shift in the rule of law."–BOOK JACKET.

  • Safe Haven A History of Refugees in America

    Safe Haven?: A History of Refugees in America
    David W. Haines

    Covering seven decades of immigration history, Haines shows how refugees and their American hosts continue to struggle with national and ethnic identities and the effect this struggle has had on American institutions and attitudes.

  • Refugees Regionalism and Responsibility

    Refugees, Regionalism and Responsibility
    Penelope Mathew, Tristan Harley

    Through a thorough assessment of past and present regional arrangements concerning refugees, this book considers whether regionalism has resulted in protection and durable solutions for both refugees and participating states.

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