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  • Election Law and Litigation

    Election Law and Litigation
    Edward B. Foley

    This casebook offers a student-friendly, practical approach with carefully-designed pedagogical features.

  • Como passar em concursos CESPE direito eleitoral

    Como passar em concursos CESPE: direito eleitoral
    Wander Garcia, Ana Paula Garcia

    Cada banca examinadora tem características próprias em relação aos seguintes aspectos: a) maneira de apresentar as perguntas, b) técnicas utilizadas para di cultar a resolução das questões, c) teses jurídicas preferidas, d) tipo de …

  • Political Parties and Elections

    Political Parties and Elections
    Anika Gauja

    In its subject matter, comparative scope, and interdisciplinary theoretical framework, this book examines not only electoral law but also ancillary legislation such as funding regulations, associations and corporations law, and …

  • Le droit  des  lections libres

    Le droit à des élections libres
    Yannick Lécuyer

    Le droit à des élections libres figure parmi les droits les plus difficiles à appréhender : principe objectif et indispensable de toute société démocratique, il est aussi un droit subjectif et fondamental invocable par tout citoyen.

  • Storable Votes

    Storable Votes
    Alessandra Casella

    This book complements the theoretical discussion with several experiments, showing that the promise of the idea is borne out by the data: the outcomes of the experiments and the payoffs realized match very closely the predictions of the …

  • The Law of Deliberative Democracy

    The Law of Deliberative Democracy
    Ron Levy, Graeme Orr

    This book breaks through such caricatures to provide the first full-length examination of whether and how the law of politics can match deliberative democratic ideals.

  • Voting Rights and Election Law

    Voting Rights and Election Law
    Michael Dimino, Bradley Smith, Michael Solimine

    The book also covers the role of political parties and term limits for federal and state office. Campaign finance and political speech each receive treatment. The book concludes with a chapter on methods for remedying errors in elections.

  • Harvard Law Review Volume 128 Number 4 February 2015

    Harvard Law Review: Volume 128, Number 4 – February 2015
    Harvard Law Review

    This issue of the Review is Feb. 2015, the fourth issue of academic year 2014-2015 (Volume 128). The digital edition features active Contents, linked notes, and proper ebook and Bluebook formatting.

  • The Most Fundamental Right

    The Most Fundamental Right
    Daniel McCool

    Is the VRA the cornerstone of civil rights law that prevents unfair voting practices, or is it an anachronism that no longer serves American democracy? Divided into three sections, the book utilizes a point/counterpoint approach.

  • The Myth of Voter Fraud

    The Myth of Voter Fraud
    Lorraine C. Minnite

    Yet, that claim is a myth. In The Myth of Voter Fraud, Lorraine C. Minnite presents the results of her meticulous search for evidence of voter fraud.

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