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  • Prejudicial Appearances

    Prejudicial Appearances
    Robert C. Post, K. Anthony Appiah, Judith Butler, Thomas C. Grey, Reva B. Siegel

    In Prejudicial Appearances noted legal scholar Robert C. Post argues modern American antidiscrimination law should not be conceived as protecting the transcendental dignity of individual persons but instead as transforming social practices …

  • Religion Equality and Employment in Europe

    Religion, Equality and Employment in Europe
    Katayoun Alidadi

    PRAISE FOR THE BOOK 'This book offers a comprehensive exploration of a traditionally neglected theme which is of great practical significance for the prosperous development of multi-religious societies.

  • Bottlenecks

    Joseph Fishkin

    Based on author's thesis (doctoral–Oxford University, 2009) under title: Opportunity pluralism.

  • Gender and Sexuality

    Gender and Sexuality
    Momin Rahman, Stevi Jackson

    'The book offers a thorough overview both of long-standing debates around gender and sexuality and of current issues.

  • Destructive Messages How Hate Speech Paves the Way For Harmful Volume 778

    Destructive Messages: How Hate Speech Paves the Way For Harmful …, Volume 778
    Alexander Tsesis

    Destructive Messages argues that hate speech is dangerous not only when it poses an immediate threat of harm.

  • Racism and Equality in the European Union

    Racism and Equality in the European Union
    Mark Bell

    Mark Bell explores the effect of anti-racism policies in topical areas of EU law and policy including employment, social inclusion, immigration, and the criminal law.

  • Equality a New Framework

    Equality, a New Framework
    B. A. Hepple, Mary Coussey, Tufyal Choudhury

    Political and social leadership, customer and peer pressure, the development of good practices and campaigning all have a crucial part to play.

  • Law Lawyers and Race

    Law, Lawyers and Race
    Mathias Möschel

    This book is an original exploration of the relationship between law and race. As such it crosses the disciplinary divide, furthering both legal scholarship and research in Race and Ethnicity Studies.

  • Race Matters

    Race Matters
    Anne-Marie Mooney Cotter

    By providing a comprehensive examination of the relationship between race and the law, the book will be an important resource for those concerned with equality.

  • Exploring Disability Identity and Disability Rights through Narratives

    Exploring Disability Identity and Disability Rights through Narratives
    Ravi Malhotra, Morgan Rowe

    Building on David M. Engel and Frank W. Munger’s work analyzing the narratives of people with physical and learning disabilities, this book examines the life stories of twelve physically disabled Canadian adults through the prism of the …

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