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  • Discovery Problems and Their Solutions

    Discovery Problems and Their Solutions
    Paul W. Grimm, Charles S. Fax, Paul Mark Sandler

    A concise, practical guide to discovery. The book provides an overview of discovery rules and guidelines and covers interrogatories in parties; requests for admissions of fact and genuineness of documents and more.

  • The Legal and Economic Implications of Electronic Discovery

    The Legal and Economic Implications of Electronic Discovery
    James N. Dertouzos, Nicholas Michael Pace, Robert Helms Anderson

    The growing volume of electronically stored information has led to concerns that requests for electronic discovery (e-discovery) can increase litigation costs, impose new risks on lawyers and their clients, and alter expectations about …

  • Pretrial Advocacy

    Pretrial Advocacy
    Marilyn J. Berger, John B. Mitchell, Ronald H. Clark

    Pretrial Advocay covers both criminal and civil pretrial practice, with a focus on federal and state litigation. Professional responsibilty and civility are emphasized through the text.

  • Nolo s Deposition Handbook

    Nolo’s Deposition Handbook
    Paul Bergman, Albert Moore

    This edition contains updated statutes, cases, and rules — plus, new material on "electronic discovery" which applies to information stored in computers, including records and emails.

  • Introduction to E discovery

    Introduction to E-discovery
    Ralph C. Losey

    After a read through, this book can be used again and again as a reference, with its appendix of useful reference materials to look up cases and arguments to use in daily practice.

  • Effective Depositions

    Effective Depositions
    Henry L. Hecht

    Effective Depositions is a comprehensive, practical guide through every stage of the deposition process.

  • Worker Injury Third Party Cases

    Worker Injury Third Party Cases
    Vincent A. Gallagher

    Worker Injury Third Party Cases: Recognizing and Proving Liability is meant to be a practical resource to help lawyers and others identify viable third party theories of liability in worker injury cases.

  • Betrayal of Due Process

    Betrayal of Due Process
    Hedieh Nasheri

    Because plea bargaining is a crucial part of the criminal justice system yet has received little scholarly attention, this much-needed book fills a wide gap in legal scholarship.

  • Como Ensinar Direito Para Crianà as E Jovens

    Como Ensinar Direito Para Crianças E Jovens
    Rosilma Roldan

    Esse livro relata os desafios enfrentados pela Autora e as estratégias desenvolvidas e aplicadas, ao ensinar Direito para crianças na escola, como meio de transmitir valores universais e significativos.

  • Cloud Computing and Electronic Discovery

    Cloud Computing and Electronic Discovery
    James P. Martin, Harry Cendrowski

    This book prepares fraud investigators, legal professionals, forensic accountants and executives with understanding the ramifications of storing data with third party providers and how such storage mechanisms relate to the limits of …

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