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  • The Language of Defamation Cases

    The Language of Defamation Cases
    Roger W. Shuy

    In The Language of Defamation Cases, Roger W. Shuy describes eleven representative lawsuits–involving newspapers, television stations, religious leaders, physicians, teachers, entertainers, unions, insurance companies, and manufacturers- …

  • LibertĂ d expression et diffamation

    LibertĂ© d’expression et diffamation
    Tarlach McGonagle, Onur Andreotti

    Où se trouve la limite entre liberté d’expression et diffamation ?

  • Handbook of Social Media and the Law

    Handbook of Social Media and the Law
    Laura Scaife

    This book is an invaluable guide for private practice and in-house practitioners, business professionals, academics and post-graduate students involved in the law surrounding social media.

  • Game Faces

    Game Faces
    Sarah K. Fields

    She also tells the stories of why the plaintiffs sought relief in the courts, uncovering motives that delved into the heart of issues separating individual rights from the public's perceived right to know.

  • The Goldmark Case

    The Goldmark Case
    William L. Dwyer

    The lawyer for the plaintiff describes the 1963 libel case of Washington State legislator John Goldmark–accused of being a communist–and probes the impact of this case on issues of civil liberties, communism and McCarthyism, the radical …

  • The Third Man

    The Third Man
    Michael Gillooly

    The Third Man – Reform of the Australasian Defamation Defences plots an entirely new course for defamation law reform and in doing so provides a detailed analysis of the current Australasian defences.Its starting point is the recognition …

  • Der Medienskandal

    Der Medienskandal
    Harald Glööckler

    Das Ermittlungsverfahren gegen Harald Glööckler wurde am 25. Juli 2013 eingestellt. Dass die Staatsanwaltschaft überhaupt ermittelte, erfuhr Harald Glööckler, wie jeder in Deutschland, durch die Presse.

  • Blocking Public Participation

    Blocking Public Participation
    Byron Sheldrick

    The book also examines the dangers SLAPPs pose to political expression and to the quality and integrity of our democratic political institutions.

  • The Liability of Internet Intermediaries

    The Liability of Internet Intermediaries
    Jaani Riordan

    This work fills that gap by providing comprehensive coverage of the legal duties owed by intermediaries and the increasingly complex schemes that regulate their activities.

  • Errors Lies and Libel

    Errors, Lies, and Libel
    Peter E. Kane

    One of the many points Kane clarifies is the important distinction between an error and a lie when judging whether someone is guilty of libel. For example, in the series of events that led to Goldwater vs.

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