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  • The Constrained Court

    The Constrained Court
    Michael A. Bailey, Forrest Maltzman

    By showing how law and politics interact in the construction of American law, this book sheds new light on the unique role that the Supreme Court plays in the constitutional order.

  • Engines of Truth

    Engines of Truth
    Wendie Ellen Schneider

    Strikingly original and drawing on a broad array of archival research, Wendie Schneider’s examination of the Victorian courtroom charts this period of experimentation and how its innovations shaped contemporary trial procedure.

  • Le droit disciplinaire dans l enseignement

    Le droit disciplinaire dans l’enseignement
    Nathalie Dasnoy-Sumell, Anthemis,

    Les Éditions Anthemis vous proposent un outil complet pour comprendre le droit disciplinaire dans l'enseignement Tout comme les magistrats, les avocats ou les médecins, les enseignants/éducateurs et directions d’école peuvent être …

  • Closest to the Fire

    Closest to the Fire
    Karen A. Wyle

    This guide will help writers explore these many story possibilities, while avoiding the pitfalls awaiting the unwary.

  • Cato Supreme Court Review Volumes 2003 2004

    Cato Supreme Court Review, Volumes 2003-2004
    Mark K. Moller, Robert A. Levy, Timothy Lynch

    A timely review of the Court's recent decisions.

  • Win Your Lawsuit

    Win Your Lawsuit
    Roderic Duncan Judge

    Written by Roderic Duncan, a retired California Superior Court judge, this book includes the legal insight and practical tips that only a judge with over 25 years of experience can provide.

  • Les secrets professionnels

    Les secrets professionnels
    Collectif,, Anthemis,

    Les Éditions Anthemis vous proposent un outil complet pour comprendre les tenants et les aboutissants du secret professionnel dans leurs différents domaines La question du secret professionnel peut être envisagée sous de nombreux angles …

  • Trials

    Isabel Buchanan

    At Sarah’s side, and with the help of Nasar, the firm’s legendary clerk, Buchanan plunged into the strange and complex world of Pakistan’s justice system. The work was arduous, underfunded, and dangerous.

  • Law and the Limits of Reason

    Law and the Limits of Reason
    Adrian Vermeule

    In Law and the Limits of Reason, Adrian Vermeule denies the widespread view, stemming from Burke and Hayek, that the limits of reason counsel in favor of judges making "living" constitutional law in the style of the common law.

  • Courting Justice

    Courting Justice
    Paul L. Tractenberg

    A series of decisions known as Abbott/Robinson required the state to fund poor urban school districts at least on par with suburban districts. Other less well known cases still have great public importance. Henningsen v.

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