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  • Licensing of Intellectual Property

    Licensing of Intellectual Property
    Jay Dratler

    This book is the definitive treatise in the field. It provides in-depth coverage of not only standard contract provisions, but also the intellectual property, antitrust, misuse, and more.

  • Bundesvergabegesetz BVergG Springer

    Bundesvergabegesetz ( BVergG). (Springer).

    Das 1993 im Nationalrat beschlossene Bundesvergabegesetz (BVergG) bietet für einen groÃen Teil der Auftragsvergaben im Bereich des Bundes eine gesetzliche Grundlage für das Vergabeverfahren und schafft gleichzeitig vergabespezifische …

  • The Modern Law of Contract

    The Modern Law of Contract
    Richard Stone

    The book also includes a number of learning features designed to enhance comprehension and aid exam preparation, allowing the reader to: ? understand and remember core topics: boxed chapter summaries offer a useful checklist for students, …

  • Comparative Foundations of a European Law of Set Off and Prescription

    Comparative Foundations of a European Law of Set-Off and Prescription
    Reinhard Zimmermann

    Among the most prominent initiatives furthering this process is the work of the Commission on European Contract Law. The essays collected in this 2002 volume have their origin within this context.

  • Les conditions g n rales de vente

    Les conditions générales de vente
    Paul Alain Foriers

    Cet ouvrage, sous la coordination de Paul Alain Foriers, apporte aux praticiens du droit une information concrète sur les conditions générales de vente : – Quel avocat, quel juge, ne s’est interrogé sur les principes qui gouvernent …

  • Contracts

    Casenotes, Casenotes Publishing Co., Inc. Staff

    With over 100 Casenotes published today in all key areas, ranging from Administrative Law to Wills, Trusts, and Estates each and every Casenote offers: professionally written briefs of the cases in your casebook coverage that is accurate …

  • The Choice Theory of Contracts

    The Choice Theory of Contracts
    Hanoch Dagan, Michael Heller

    This readable, engaging book gives contract scholars, teachers, and students a powerful normative vocabulary for understanding canonical cases, refining key doctrines, and solving long-standing puzzles in the law.

  • Contract Law

    Contract Law
    Adam Kramer

    This is a new type of book. It provides an index of the most useful and important academic and other writings on contract law, whether published in articles or journal chapters, or as books.

  • Modern Tort Law

    Modern Tort Law
    V.H. Harpwood

    This seventh edition has been revised and updated to take into account developments since publication of the previous edition including in the areas of privacy, negligence, personal injury and defamation.

  • Code of Federal Regulations Title 48 Federal Acquisition Part 52

    Code of Federal Regulations, Title 48, Federal Acquisition …, Part 52
    Office of the Federal Register (U S )

    The Code of Federal Regulations is a codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the Executive departments and agencies of the United States Federal Government.

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