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  • Contracts in the Real World

    Contracts in the Real World
    Lawrence A. Cunningham

    Capturing the essentials of this subject, the book explores recurring issues in contracting and shows how age-old precedents and wisdom still apply today and how contract law's inherent dynamism cautions against exuberant reforms.

  • Il danno ingiusto responsabilità precontrattuale e responsabilità speciali

    Il danno ingiusto, responsabilità precontrattuale e responsabilità speciali
    Luigi Viola

  • Contract Law

    Contract Law
    Mindy Chen-Wishart

    This textbook provides an accessible account of the intricacies of contract law and the problems that can arise during the life of a contract.

  • Examples Explanations for Contracts

    Examples & Explanations for Contracts
    Brian A. Blum

    The Examples & Explanations series has been ranked the most popular study aid among law students because it is equally as helpful from the first day of class through the final exam.

  • Contractual Knowledge

    Contractual Knowledge
    Grégoire Mallard, Jérôme Sgard

    This volume provides a genealogy of global economic governance through the history of contracts, examining how and by whom they were designed and legally validated.

  • I singoli contratti

    I singoli contratti
    Giuseppe Cassano

    L’opera analizza nel dettaglio praticamente tutti i contratti attualmente in uso nei traffici commerciali, e non solo. A corredo un Cd-Rom con ampio formulario. Questi i contratti che vengono analizzati nel singoli tomi.

  • The Constitutional Foundations of European Contract Law

    The Constitutional Foundations of European Contract Law
    Kathleen Gutman

    Situated within the context of the ongoing debate about European contract law, this book provides a detailed examination of the European Union's competence in the field of contract law.

  • Contract Law

    Contract Law
    Ewan McKendrick

    The sixth edition of Ewan McKendrick's Contract Law: Text, Cases, and Materials provides a complete guide to the subject in a single volume, containing everything needed for the study of contract law at undergraduate level.

  • Il contratto e il fatto illecito Corso di diritto civile

    Il contratto e il fatto illecito. Corso di diritto civile
    Emanuele Lucchini Guastalla

  • Drafting Contracts

    Drafting Contracts
    Tina L. Stark

    Features: More exercises throughout the book, incorporating More precedents for use in exercises Exercises designed to teach students how to read and analyze a contract progressively more difficult and sophisticated New, multi-draft …

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