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  • Offshore Construction

    Offshore Construction
    Stuart Beadnall, Simon Moore

    Key topics include: Design risk Changes to the work Consequences of delay Acceptance Tests Termination Dispute resolution This unique text will be of enormous assistance both to legal practitioners and offshore construction professionals …

  • Construction Contracts

    Construction Contracts
    J. R. Murdoch, Will Hughes

    A fully revised edition of the UK's leading textbook on the law governing construction contracts, as well as their management and administration.

  • HOAI Kommentar

    Rudolf Jochem, Wolfgang Kaufhold

    Bitte beachten: Für das Bearbeiterverzeichnis und die Zuordnung der Bearbeiter zu den Paragrafen wurde ein Erratum erstellt. Es steht auf dieser Seite als Download zur Verfügung. Am 17. Juli 2013 ist die 7. HOAI-Novelle in Kraft getreten.

  • Le facciate continue La manutenzione dell involucro edilizio vetrato

    Le facciate continue. La manutenzione dell’involucro edilizio vetrato
    Paolo Rigone

  • VOB B nach Anspr chen

    VOB/B nach Ansprüchen
    Christian Zanner

    Christian Zanner, Fachanwalt für Bau- und Architektenrecht Berlin, Honorarprofessor an der Technischen Universität Berlin für Bauvertragsrecht und VOB, Tätigkeitsschwerpunkte im Bau-, Architekten- und Immobilienrecht.

  • International Construction Contract Law

    International Construction Contract Law
    Lukas Klee

  • Construction Claims and Responses

    Construction Claims and Responses
    Andy Hewitt

    This is a practical, hands-on guide for the construction industry professional which explains how to approach the preparation of the claim document, what topics to cover, how to present the essential elements and how to compile the …

  • The Constitution and Criminal Procedure

    The Constitution and Criminal Procedure
    Akhil Reed Amar

    This book reconceptualizes the basic foundations of the criminal procedure field.

  • Economics and Property

    Economics and Property
    Danny Myers

    This text focuses on the introduction of economic principles to provide an understanding of the commercial and residential property sectors and the markets for development, construction and occupation of property.

  • The Law of Construction Disputes

    The Law of Construction Disputes
    Cyril Chern

    This edition expands on advanced practitioner issues, as well as the emerging law of construction disputes on an international basis and gives the practitioner all the case law needed in one concise volume.

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