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  • Property and Social Resilience in Times of Conflict

    Property and Social Resilience in Times of Conflict
    Dr Andrew McWilliam, Dr Susana Barnes, Professor Daniel Fitzpatrick

    This book is a timely response to the increased international focus on peace-building problems arising from population displacement and post-conflict state fragility.

  • Practising Self Government

    Practising Self-Government
    Yash Ghai, Sophia Woodman

    This book presents detailed case studies of thirteen such autonomies from around the world, in which noted experts on each outline the constitutional, legal and institutional frameworks as well as how these arrangements have worked in …

  • Competition Laws in Conflict

    Competition Laws in Conflict
    Richard Allen Epstein, Michael S. Greve

    Moreover, states have powerful incentives to permit domestic industries to exploit outsiders, or even to facilitate such practices.

  • Law in the United States

    Law in the United States
    Arthur T. von Mehren, Peter L. Murray

    Chapters in the second edition also cover such topics as American civil justice, criminal law, jury trial, choice of laws and international jurisdiction, the American legal profession, and the influence of American law in the global legal …

  • Relations Between State and Higher Education

    Relations Between State and Higher Education
    Roeland J. in ‘t Veld, Hans-Peter F√ľssel, Guy R. Neave

    It is the purpose of this book to identify the chosen directions, and to trace the concurrent developments, by way of comparative analysis.

  • Confucian Constitutionalism in East Asia

    Confucian Constitutionalism in East Asia
    Bui Ngoc Son

    This book explains how the values, customs and traditions of East Asian countries are Confucian, and discusses how this is relevant to constitutional practice in the region.

  • Making People Illegal

    Making People Illegal
    Catherine Dauvergne

    Making People Illegal evaluates why migration law in the twenty-first century is markedly different from even the recent past, and argues that this is a harbinger of paradigm shift in the rule of law."–BOOK JACKET.

  • Privacy and Power

    Privacy and Power
    Russell A. Miller

    This book documents and explains the differences in the ways Americans and Europeans approach the issues of privacy and intelligence gathering.

  • El sistema jur√ dico √ tico cl√ sico

    El sistema jurídico ático clásico
    Juan Palao Herrero

    Ahora, queremos recordar, también la experiencia histórica de un sistema jurídico democrático, esforzándonos en exhumar del olvido al sistema jurídico ático clásico.

  • Targeted Killing

    Targeted Killing
    Markus Gunneflo

    Looking beyond the events of the second intifada and 9/11, this book reveals how targeted killing is intimately embedded in both Israeli and United States statecraft, and in the problematic relationship between sovereign authority and …

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