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  • Confucian Constitutionalism in East Asia

    Confucian Constitutionalism in East Asia
    Bui Ngoc Son

    This book explains how the values, customs and traditions of East Asian countries are Confucian, and discusses how this is relevant to constitutional practice in the region.

  • Judicial Dissent in European Constitutional Courts

    Judicial Dissent in European Constitutional Courts
    Katalin Kelemen

    Most constitutional courts do. This book presents a comparative analysis of the practice of judicial dissent in constitutional courts from the perspective of the civil law tradition.

  • Making People Illegal

    Making People Illegal
    Catherine Dauvergne

    Making People Illegal evaluates why migration law in the twenty-first century is markedly different from even the recent past, and argues that this is a harbinger of paradigm shift in the rule of law."–BOOK JACKET.

  • Privacy and Power

    Privacy and Power
    Russell A. Miller

    This book documents and explains the differences in the ways Americans and Europeans approach the issues of privacy and intelligence gathering.

  • Trusts and Modern Wealth Management

    Trusts and Modern Wealth Management
    Richard C. Nolan, Tang Hang Wu, Kelvin F. K. Low

    New essays by leading figures from the judiciary, practicing lawyers and academics illuminating the worlds of trusts and wealth management.

  • El sistema jur√ dico √ tico cl√ sico

    El sistema jurídico ático clásico
    Juan Palao Herrero

    Ahora, queremos recordar, también la experiencia histórica de un sistema jurídico democrático, esforzándonos en exhumar del olvido al sistema jurídico ático clásico.

  • The Veiled Sceptre

    The Veiled Sceptre
    Anne Twomey

    This book is a comprehensive review and analysis of the reserve powers and their exercise by heads of state in countries that have Westminster systems.

  • Targeted Killing

    Targeted Killing
    Markus Gunneflo

    Looking beyond the events of the second intifada and 9/11, this book reveals how targeted killing is intimately embedded in both Israeli and US statecraft, and in the problematic relationship between sovereign authority and lawful violence …

  • Russia Europe and the Rule of Law

    Russia, Europe, and the Rule of Law
    Ferdinand J.M. Feldbrugge

    An international team of authors looks at the role law has played in the transformation of Russia and evaluates the legal achievements of the Putin administration against the background of Russia’s changing relationship with Europe.

  • Chinese Law Context and Transformation

    Chinese Law: Context and Transformation
    Jianfu Chen

    Fully revised, updated and considerably expanded, this edition of Chinese Law: Context and Transformation is a valuable and important resource for researchers, policy-makers and teachers alike.

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