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  • The Intellectual Commons

    The Intellectual Commons
    Henry C. Mitchell

    This book is an important addition to the intellectual property debate and a must for law students, communication theorists, and any person interested in the future of digital media rights.

  • Selected Legal Issues of E Commerce

    Selected Legal Issues of E-Commerce
    Toshiyuki Kono, Christoph Paulus, Harry Rajak

    This is particularly true For The commercial side of the Internet, For which the term 'E-Commerce' has been coined.

  • Privacy and Power

    Privacy and Power
    Russell A. Miller

    This book documents and explains the differences in the ways Americans and Europeans approach the issues of privacy and intelligence gathering.

  • Privacy and the Information Age

    Privacy and the Information Age
    Serge Gutwirth

    In a time in which new technologies make it easy to gather and process data, the discussion on privacy tends to focus exclusively on the protecting of personal data. To Serge Gutwirth, privacy involves far more.

  • An Introduction to U S Telecommunications Law

    An Introduction to U.S. Telecommunications Law
    Charles H. Kennedy

    An Introduction to U.S. Telecommunications Law, Second Edition is a concise, jargon-free reference describing how electronic media and telecommunications companies are required to price their services, interconnect with customers and other …

  • Privacy Big Data and the Public Good

    Privacy, Big Data, and the Public Good
    Julia Lane, Victoria Stodden, Stefan Bender, Helen Nissenbaum

    Data access is essential for serving the public good. This book provides new frameworks to address the resultant privacy issues.

  • The Guide to U S Legal Analysis and Communication

    The Guide to U.S. Legal Analysis and Communication
    Deborah B. McGregor, Cynthia M. Adams

    Written primarily for the international lawyer studying law in the United States, this text introduces students to legal analysis and communications used in U.S. legal practice.

  • Libel and Privacy

    Libel and Privacy
    Bruce W. Sanford

    New York Times Co. By Bruce W. Sanford. Libel and Privacy by Bruce W. Sanford explains how the U.S. Supreme Court is now approaching constitutional libel law and setting the boundaries for invasion of privacy suits.

  • Cyber Attacks and the Exploitable Imperfections of International Law

    Cyber-Attacks and the Exploitable Imperfections of International Law
    Yaroslav Radziwill

    Cyber-Attacks and the Exploitable Imperfections of International Law reveals elements of existing jus ad bellum and jus in bello regimes that are unable to accommodate the threats posed by cyber-attacks.

  • Legge 2 0

    Legge 2.0
    Elvira Berlingieri

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