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  • English Common Law in the Early American Colonies

    English Common Law in the Early American Colonies
    Paul Samuel Reinsch

    Reinsch, Paul Samuel. English Common Law in the Early American Colonies. Madison: [Bulletin of the University of Wisconsin], 1899. 64 pp. Reprint available December, 2004 by the Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN 1-58477-487-8.

  • Law Miscellanies

    Law Miscellanies
    Hugh Henry Brackenridge

    Dictionary of American Biography I:544-545. See Eller, The William Blackstone Collection in the Yale Law Library 142 and Cohen, Bibliography of Early American Law 5375.

  • The Birth of the English Common Law

    The Birth of the English Common Law
    R. C. Caenegem

    This book provides a challenging interpretation of the emergence of the common law in Anglo-Norman England, against the background of the general development of legal institutions in Europe.First published in 1973, The Birth of the English …

  • Tribulations and Trials

    Tribulations and Trials
    Alfred H. Knight

    This is a biography of the early years of a somewhat successful legal career.

  • The Grounds and Rudiments of Law and Equity Alphabetically Digested

    The Grounds and Rudiments of Law and Equity, Alphabetically Digested
    Gentleman of the Middle Temple

    Reprint of the second edition. First published in 1749, this fascinating textbook for laymen and law students is a fine example of the maxim-based pedagogy represented by such authors as Bacon, Noy, Wingate and Broome.

  • Tort Law Defences

    Tort Law Defences
    James Goudkamp

    The book shows that much can be learned about a given defence from the way in which it is classified. This book has been awarded Joint Second Prize for the 2014 Society of Legal Scholars Peter Birks Prize for Outstanding Legal Scholarship.

  • The Law of Succession

    The Law of Succession
    William Searle Holdsworth, Charles William Vickers

    In addition to a valuable introductory chapter on the history of succession, the authors enrich their discussion in the main text with observations on the ways its principles developed over time in response to particular conditions.

  • The Oxford Edition of Blackstone s Commentaries on the Laws of England

    The Oxford Edition of Blackstone’s: Commentaries on the Laws of England
    William Blackstone

    This is followed by an extended account of England's political constitution.

  • Perpetuities Law in Action

    Perpetuities Law in Action
    Jesse Dukeminier Jr.

    For deceptive subtleties and unexpected traps it has no equal. This book views the Rule in the microcosm of Kentucky cases. It shows that perpetuities law in action differs from perpetuities law in the books.

  • The European Fundamental Freedoms

    The European Fundamental Freedoms
    Pedro Caro de Sousa

    It is through a contextual approach that Pedro Caro de Sousa develops a general theory of European constitutional law, in particular free movement law and the EU fundamental freedoms.

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