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  • Developing Countries in the GATT Legal System

    Developing Countries in the GATT Legal System
    Robert E. Hudec

    In this reissued edition of the classic work Developing Countries in the GATT Legal System, Robert E. Hudec's clear insight on the situation of developing countries within the international trade system is once again made available.

  • The Trans Pacific Partnership

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership
    C. L. Lim, Deborah Kay Elms, Patrick Low

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks attempt to link together at least nine countries in three continents to create a 'high-quality, twenty-first century agreement'.

  • Handbuch IT in der Verwaltung

    Handbuch IT in der Verwaltung
    Martin Wind, Detlef Kröger

    Wissenschaftler und Praktiker finden in diesem Werk Beiträge zur Forschung und Entwicklung im Bereich des Einsatzes von Informatik in der öffentlichen Verwaltung.

  • Exploitation of Natural Resources in the 21st Century

    Exploitation of Natural Resources in the 21st Century
    M. Fitzmaurice, Milena Szuniewicz

    This volume examines these important issues and adapts a practical approach. It outlines the programme of sustainable development in concrete fields of economic and environmental cooperation.

  • Proactive Intelligence

    Proactive Intelligence
    John J. McGonagle, Carolyn M. Vella

    But, you cannot just adopt them – you have to adapt them. Why? Because, when you finish reading this book, you will be the data collector, the analyst, and the end-user.

  • Abuse of Dominant Position New Interpretation New Enforcement Mechanisms

    Abuse of Dominant Position: New Interpretation, New Enforcement Mechanisms?
    Mark-Oliver Mackenrodt, Beatriz Conde Gallego, Stefan Enchelmaier

    The chapters in this volume critically appraise the Commission’s proposals, including the most recent ones.

  • International Economic Law and National Autonomy

    International Economic Law and National Autonomy
    Susy Frankel

    This volume draws together thirteen analyses of this tension in a wide array of contexts, including each of the three main pillars of the World Trade Organization, international investment law and arbitration, and the international …

  • Regulating Development

    Regulating Development
    Edmund Amann

    This book will be invaluable reading for academics, researchers and students with an interest in economics and development studies, as well as for regulators and policymakers in developing countries.

  • Aufbruch nach Europa

    Aufbruch nach Europa
    Jürgen Basedow

    Mit dem 'Aufbruch nach Europa' wird programmatisch ein Bogen uber die meisten Beitrage gespannt, aber auch der Weg des Instituts beschrieben, von den Anfangen und bis in die Zukunft hinein.

  • Responsive Regulation

    Responsive Regulation
    Ian Ayres, John Braithwaite

    This book transcends current debate on government regulation by lucidly outlining how regulations can be a fruitful combination of persuasion and sanctions.

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