Books in category Law – Civil Rights

  • Protecting Rights and Freedoms

    Protecting Rights and Freedoms
    P. Bryden, Steven Davis, John Russell

  • Beyond Disagreement

    Beyond Disagreement
    Aruna Sathanapally

    Providing the first empirical analysis of declarations of incompatibility under the UK Human Rights Act and their aftermath in the legislative process, this book details these 'open remedies' and draws comparisons with similar human rights …

  • European Consensus and the Legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights

    European Consensus and the Legitimacy of the European Court of Human Rights
    Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou

    The most comprehensive and critical analysis of the application of European consensus by the European Court of Human Rights.

  • Freedom Riders

    Freedom Riders
    Raymond Arsenault

    With characters and plot lines rivaling those of the most imaginative fiction, this is a tale of heroic sacrifice and unexpected triumph.

  • Victims in the War on Crime

    Victims in the War on Crime
    Markus Dirk Dubber

    These novels, written by two well-known evangelical Christians, depict the experiences of those "left behind" in the aftermath of the Rapture, when Christ removes true believers, leaving everyone else to suffer seven years of Tribulation …

  • Targeted

    Deepa Fernandes

    In Targeted, journalist Deepa Fernandes seamlessly weaves together history, political analysis, and first-person narratives of those caught in the grips of the increasingly Kafkaesque U.S. Homeland Security system.

  • Privacy and Power

    Privacy and Power
    Russell A. Miller

    This book documents and explains the differences in the ways Americans and Europeans approach the issues of privacy and intelligence gathering.

  • Waiting for Gautreaux

    Waiting for Gautreaux
    Alexander Polikoff, Clarence Page

    Both the memoir of a dedicated lawyer, and the narrative of a tenacious pursuit of equality, this story–itself a critical, still-unfolding chapter in recent American history–urges us to take an essential step in ending the racial …

  • Proportionality and Judicial Activism

    Proportionality and Judicial Activism
    Niels Petersen

    This book uses empirical analysis to show that courts refrain from using the proportionality test as a means of judicial activism.

  • Reconstructing the Dreamland

    Reconstructing the Dreamland
    Alfred L. Brophy, Randall Kennedy

    In this text, Alfred Brophy draws on his own extensive research into contemporary accounts and court documents to chronicle this devastating riot, showing how and why the rule of law quickly eroded.

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