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  • Law Politics and the Judicial Process in Canada

    Law, Politics and the Judicial Process in Canada
    Frederick Lee Morton

    An updated edition of the successful book on law and politics in Canada.

  • The Constitution Besieged

    The Constitution Besieged
    Howard Gillman

    Scholars have traditionally viewed this as the work of a conservative judiciary more interested in promoting laissez-faire economics than in interpreting the Constitution.


    Suryanto Suryokusumo

    Untuk itulah, buku ini hadir dengan menyampaikan konsep Sistem Pertahanan Nonmiliter (Sishanonmil), suatu system pertahanan yang bukan sekadar menjadi system pendukung pertahanan militer sebagaimana dimaksud pasal 7 ayat 2 UURI No. 3 tahun …

  • Truman and the Steel Seizure Case

    Truman and the Steel Seizure Case
    Maeva Marcus

    First published in 1977 (Columbia University Press), and reissued here in paperback with a new foreword by Louis Fisher, this book remains the definitive account of the Steel Seizure incident and its political and legal ramifications.

  • Pornography and the Justices

    Pornography and the Justices
    Richard F. Hixson

    As long as the government does not discriminate against specific points of view and as long as there is ample protection of minors and nonconsenting adults, Hixson argues that the private collection of pornography is up to the individual.

  • Arbitrato

    Bonelli Erede Pappalardo

    STRUTTURA DELL'OPERA · Capitolo 1 – L'arbitrato in generale · Capitolo 2 – Le materie arbitrabili · Capitolo 3 – La convenzione arbitrale · Capitolo 4 – Gli arbitri · Capitolo 5 – Il procedimento arbitrale · Capitolo 6 – L'arbitrato …

  • To Chain the Dog of War

    To Chain the Dog of War
    Francis Dunham Wormuth, Edwin Brown Firmage

    Originally published by Southern Methodist U. Press, 1986.

  • Civil Procedure

    Civil Procedure
    Joseph W. Glannon

    Glannon's reputation is secure as the best-selling author of Civil Procedure E&E, Torts E&E, and The Glannon Guide to Civil Procedure, the first book in the series.

  • Art 700 C P C e la procedura d urgenza

    Art. 700 C.P.C. e la procedura d’urgenza
    Giuseppe Buffone

  • Judiciary and Arbitration in Bahrain

    Judiciary and Arbitration in Bahrain
    Hassan Ali Radhi

    Although Bahrain has had an established system of law courts since 1771, it was only in the course of the twentieth century that it gradually developed a fully-fledged legal system compatible with international norms.

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