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  • Merger Control Worldwide

    Merger Control Worldwide

    This, the second supplement to Merger Control Worldwide, provides an update on developments that have occurred recently in the field. It includes a comprehensive appraisal of a new jurisdiction, Singapore.

  • Handbook of Research in Trans Atlantic Antitrust

    Handbook of Research in Trans-Atlantic Antitrust
    Philip Marsden

    I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about antitrust law and its administration in the major enforcement areas of the world. This is bound to become an important reference for antitrust students and experts.

  • Competition Regulation and the New Economy

    Competition, Regulation and the New Economy
    Cosmo Graham, Fiona Smith

    Evidence of this is the fact that there are 300 million active computers in the world, with 350 million people who use the world wide web (expected to grow to one billion in four years), and the speed of microprocessors continuously …

  • Asian Capitalism and the Regulation of Competition

    Asian Capitalism and the Regulation of Competition
    Michael W. Dowdle, John Gillespie, Imelda Maher

    This book explores the implications of Asian forms of capitalism for the emerging global competition law regime.

  • Securing Compliance

    Securing Compliance
    Karen Yeung

    This book is a timely exploration of these practices, constructing a principled framework for evaluating their legitimacy and thereby drawing into sharper focus the importance of the constitutional principles in regulatory compliance.

  • The Rule of Reason

    The Rule of Reason
    James E. Hartley

    The guide concludes with an extended discussion of the key ingredients of the rule of reason mix: anti-competitive effects and market power, efficiency justifications, and the wide variety of methods proposed to try and balance them.

  • Gebiets├ bergreifende Vergabe Von Online Rechten an Musikwerken

    Gebiets├╝bergreifende Vergabe Von Online-Rechten an Musikwerken
    Camilla Kling

    Die Lizenzierung von Urheberrechten an Musikwerken im Online-Bereich ist hoch komplex.

  • Principles of European Antitrust Enforcement

    Principles of European Antitrust Enforcement
    Wouter P J Wils

    This book brings together six essays which analyse the background and main characteristics of the new enforcement system, as well as a number of outstanding questions and potential areas of further reform, including the question whether …

  • Evidence Proof and Judicial Review in EU Competition Law

    Evidence, Proof and Judicial Review in EU Competition Law
    Fernando Castillo de la Torre, Eric Gippini Fournier

    These topics often engage with fundamental rights, and the book takes stock of the most frequent criticisms that are made of the EU enforcement system and review by EU Courts.

  • European Competition Law Annual 2007

    European Competition Law Annual 2007
    Claus-Dieter Ehlermann, Mel Marquis

    This is the twelfth in a series on EU Competition Law and Policy produced by the Robert Schuman Centre of the European University Institute in Florence.

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