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  • How to Spot a Bastard by His Star Sign

    How to Spot a Bastard by His Star Sign
    Adele Lang, Susi Rajah

    The Ultimate Horrorscope Join the women around the world whose love lives have been transformed by the astro-guide that pulls no punches when it comes to the dark side of men and their star signs.

  • Over the Hillisms

    Cathy Hamilton

    That signature approach comes through clearly in Over-the-Hillisms, and the truth about the utterances of the "no-longer young" is revealed. Move over Mr. Webster. Cathy Hamilton is now helping readers discover what the message is.

  • A More Perfect Union

    A More Perfect Union
    Hana Schank

    A humorous memoir about the trials and triumphs of the year leading up to the author's wedding recounts her efforts to balance the advice of her loved ones, her transformation from career woman into would-be bride, and her ambivalence in …

  • Everyday Dad

    Everyday Dad
    Dale Alderman

    Come on along and let Dale show you how much he loves being an Everyday Dad. Dale Alderman lives in Chantilly, Virginia with his wife, Starla, and two sons, Chase and Logan.

  • MOMumental

    Jennifer Grant

    MOMumental is a foray into the enormously amusing, creative, and taxing process of raising a family and a starkly honest memoir that mothers everywhere can identify with.

  • Growing Your Own Turtleneck and Other Benefits of Aging

    Growing Your Own Turtleneck…and Other Benefits of Aging
    Martha Bolton

    Whether Martha Bolton is contemplating whether or not there will be carbs in heaven or why she's growing her own turtle neck, she'll leave readers laughing out loud as they recognize the truth in her hilarious take on aging.

  • A holeology

    Steven B. Green, Dennis Lavalle

    Whether you're way too over-the-top and need to tone it down, or are a shy wallflower who needs to turn it up, this book is your crash course in assholeology.

  • Butter Beans for the Soul

    Butter Beans for the Soul
    Joe Adams

    They're a sure cure for the blues." Joe Adams is a columnist for the prestigious North Carolina newspaper, The Gaston Gazette. Butter Beans for the Soul is a collection of his hilarious editorials for people with small-town hearts.

  • Poetry From My Heart

    Poetry From My Heart
    Carolann Knecht

    Poetry From My Heart is a tribute to my beloved husband, "Woody", who also had a God-given talent as a musician. I also wish to publish my book as an accomplishment I have wanted for many years.

  • Vader s Little Princess

    Vader’s Little Princess
    Jeffrey Brown

    Plus, this is the fixed-format version, which looks almost identical to the print edition.

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