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  • Clean House Clean Planet

    Clean House Clean Planet
    Karen Logan

    Provides simple recipes for non-toxic cleaners made from inexpensive, common ingredients, and offers tips on how to clean a home safely

  • Scaling Down

    Scaling Down
    Judi Culbertson, Marj Decker

    A timely guide for individuals moving from a larger to a smaller space or consolidating two (or more) people's possessions into a single abode offers practical strategies for paring down one's belongings to the best and most meaningful …

  • Simple Steps to Organizing Everything

    Simple Steps to Organizing Everything
    Donna Smallin

    You're Just Minutes Away from Conquering the Chaos and the Clutter-Forever! Simple Steps to Organizing Everything is a lifesaver and a treasure chest of clutter-control advice.

  • Simply Living Smart

    Simply Living Smart
    Anitra Kerr

    Nothing is more stressful than a home of chaos – a place where disorder, bad manners, or disharmony rules. While we all have our days when we feel that this is our plight, have no fear – it can change!

  • Green Cleaning 101

    Green Cleaning 101
    Sustainable Stevie

    There's also a special natural deodorizing solution that not too many know about. NOTE: This particular book mentions some additional items that aren't necessarily food-based but definitely should be included in the mix, so to speak.

  • Clean It Fast Clean It Right

    Clean It Fast, Clean It Right
    Jeff Bredenberg

    Drawing on the knowledge of more than two hundred experts, this reference offers advice on cleaning, removing problem spots, saving money, and developing efficient cleaning methods

  • Declutter your life

    Declutter your life
    Infinite Ideas

    But before you hire a skip and chuck everything away, do bear in mind that clutter isn't just having a lot of things. So getting rid of stuff is an important activity, but where do you start? Declutter your life is here to help.

  • Home Made Simple

    Home Made Simple
    Home Made Simple

    Home Made Simple is the essential home reference for simplifying, beautifying, organizing, and inspiring your life. In these pages you'll find tips, projects, and recipes that will help you create the home you'll love to live in.

  • Downshifting Made Easy

    Downshifting Made Easy
    Marian Van Eyk McCain

    What does it mean to ?downshift?

  • The Big Clean

    The Big Clean
    Kim Rinehart

    This book not only contains tips that will help you save time but also money. It's easier than you think to stop wasting time and start enjoying life. The Big Clean: How to Clean and Organize Your Home and Free Your Mind will show you how.

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