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  • Women Who Love Sex

    Women Who Love Sex
    Gina Ogden

    In this unique book, women who consider themselves highly sexually responsive talk in intimate detail about what gives them the greatest pleasure.

  • The Sexual Life of the Child

    The Sexual Life of the Child
    Albert Moll

    I shall in this work designate these two periods as the first and the second period of childhood respectively.

  • Premarital Sex in America How Young Americans Meet Mate and Think about Marrying

    Premarital Sex in America:How Young Americans Meet, Mate, and Think about Marrying
    Mark Regnerus, Jeremy Uecker

    Premarital Sex in America combines illuminating personal stories and comprehensive research surveys to provide the fullest portrait of heterosexuality among young adults ever produced.

  • Sexy Bodies

    Sexy Bodies
    Elizabeth A. Grosz, Elspeth Probyn

    The collection includes two important pieces of fiction by Mary Fallon and Nicole Brossard.

  • Pangasm

    Lori Dante

    The process continues to unfold. Pangasm played a role in giving me the courage to become a massage therapist and its principles help me relate to and appreciate my clients, friends, spouse, lovers, etc.

  • Men Love Sex

    Men, Love & Sex
    David Zinczenko, Ted Spiker

    Here, in Men, Love & Sex, the most perplexing questions that women have about guys and relationships are finally answered. Men give their frank and honest thoughts to such questions as: How will you know when he's in love?

  • Den maskuline mand

    Den maskuline mand
    David Deida

    Den maskuline mand er en opdagelsesrejse ind i hjertet af de moderne maskuline erfaringer.

  • Art of Kissing From Head to Toe How to Kiss

    Art of Kissing From Head to Toe – How to Kiss
    Nikki Leigh

    The kind of kissing that curls your toes and makes your whole body tingle. This is my first report in a series about deeper, more passionate and stimulating kissing.

  • The Anthropology of Sex

    The Anthropology of Sex
    Hastings Donnan, Fiona Magowan

    The Anthropology of Sex is the first work to critically synthesise over a century of comparative expertise, knowledge and understanding of diverse sexual forms.

  • Queer Studies

    Queer Studies
    Brett Beemyn, Michele Eliason

    The volume contains contributions from both established and newly emerging Queer Studies scholars, including Amber Ault, M. V. Lee Badgett, Warren J. Blumenfeld, Gregory Conerly, Patricia L. Duncan, Ruth Goldman, Lynda Goldstein, Sherrie A. …

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