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  • C

    Richard E. Schingoethe

    'C' can help smooth out "speed bumps" on the highway to forever, and make your Couple-times more meaningful, more enjoyable. Perhaps because, in many ways, 'C' is every reader's story, too.

  • Yale Law Journal Volume 123 Number 3 December 2013

    Yale Law Journal: Volume 123, Number 3 – December 2013
    Yale Law Journal

    The December issue of The Yale Law Journal (the third of Volume 123, academic year 2013-2014) features new articles and essays on law and legal theory by internationally recognized scholars.

  • Ethics Sexual Orientation and Choices about Children

    Ethics, Sexual Orientation, and Choices about Children
    Timothy F. Murphy

    In this book, Timothy Murphy traces the controversy over prenatal selection of sexual orientation, offering a critical review of the literature and presenting his own argument in favor of parents' reproductive liberty.

  • Crossing the Stage

    Crossing the Stage
    Lesley Ferris

    Crossing the Stage brings together for the first time essays which explore cross-dressing in theatre, cabaret, opera and dance.

  • Amor

    Daniel Marques

    O amor provem sempre de um propósito nobre, como seja o de expandir e desenvolver o que é positivo.

  • Organiser son mariage Pour les Nuls

    Organiser son mariage Pour les Nuls

    Votre mariage restera dans les annales ! Écrit à quatre mains par une wedding planner et une journaliste du Figaro (qui parlent encore de leur mariage avec des étoiles plein les yeux !), Organiser son mariage pour les Nuls vous simplifie …

  • Forty Something

    Forty Something
    Dr. Robert M. Fleisher

    You decide. Because the second half of life really can be better than the first half. Forty Something has answers.

  • Sex and Romance During Pregnancy and After the Birth

    Sex and Romance During Pregnancy and After the Birth
    Adelaide E Aduboffour

    This book provides information on: 1.Physical and psychological changes during pregnancy and how it can affect your relationship and sex life 2.Enjoying sex and intimacy during pregnancy 3.Different positions to try as the bump grows bigger …

  • Petit livre de D codeur amoureux

    Petit livre de – Décodeur amoureux
    Yves-Alexandre THALMANN

    Quoi de plus important que l'amour, de nos jours ?

  • Sex Code

    Sex Code
    Mario Luna

    Mario Luna.

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