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  • mHealth

    Donna Malvey, Donna J. Slovensky

    This book defines the phenomenon of mHealth and its evolution, explaining why an understanding of mHealth is critical for decision makers, entrepreneurs, and policy analysts who are pivotal to developing products that meet the collaborative …

  • Diabetes The New Type 2

    Diabetes: The New Type 2
    June Biermann, Virginia Valentine, Barbara Toohey

    In Diabetes: The New Type 2, a registered nurse specializing in diabetic ailments and two diabetes educators (two of whom are diabetics themselves) deliver medical and lifestyle advice with good humor, high energy, and straight talk.

  • Magnets for Health

    Magnets for Health
    Jose Luis Hinojosa

    This book is intended as a practical guide, reference, and motivational tool for all who are interested in the use of magnets for the purposes of improving sleep, decreasing stress, improving energy levels, relieving discomforts, and …

  • Vitamins and Minerals

    Vitamins and Minerals
    Zina Kroner

    Insightful, objective, and evidence-based, this overview of the most commonly used supplements dispels misinformation and provides facts from a qualified physician's point of view. • Provides coverage of 39 different supplements, …

  • The Ultimate Carbohydrate Counter Third Edition

    The Ultimate Carbohydrate Counter, Third Edition
    Karen J Nolan, Jo-Ann Heslin

    Carbohydrates, fiber and sugar are fully explained in this all-new, updated guide that features easy-to-follow advice for understanding, choosing and counting carbs wisely; practical ways to eat more whole grains and fiber while limiting …

  • Prescription Drugs for Half Price or Less

    Prescription Drugs for Half Price or Less
    Stephen Hyde

    With an appendix of directories, pharmacies, and websites to get you started, this book will pay for itself with your very first prescription! From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Healthy Travel

    Healthy Travel
    Michael P. Zimring, Lisa Iannucci

    Healthy Travel is a Basic Health Books publication.

  • Smart Biomaterials

    Smart Biomaterials
    Mitsuhiro Ebara, Yohei Kotsuchibashi, Ravin Narain, Naokazu Idota, Young-Jin Kim, John M. Hoffman, Koichiro Uto, Takao Aoyagi

    This book provides comprehensive coverage of smart biomaterials and their potential applications, a field that is developing at a very rapid pace.

  • Complementary Medicine in Australia and New Zealand

    Complementary Medicine in Australia and New Zealand
    Hans Baer

    In the late nineteenth century on the eve of the formation of Australia as a nation-state in 1902, the Australian medical system could be best described as a pluralistic one in the sense that while regular medicine constituted the …

  • The Autism Book

    The Autism Book
    Jhoanna Robledo, Dawn Ham-Kucharski

    In The Autism Book, health and parenting journalist S. Jhoanna Robledo and Ham-Kucharski, an impassioned advocate for educational opportunity for autistic children, use their hard-won knowledge and experience to objectively and …

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