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  • The Stress Free Pregnancy Guide

    The Stress-Free Pregnancy Guide
    Carol LIVOTI, Elizabeth TOPP

    The Stress-Free Pregnancy Guide dispels myths and puts mothers’ endless worries to rest with a healthy dose of reassuring and reader-friendly advice based on renowned obstetrician Carol Livoti’s 30 years of experience in private …

  • Fetal Positions

    Fetal Positions
    Karen Newman

    Containing a wealth of illustrations, a critical study of images of fetuses, pregnancy, and childbirth from the sixteenth century to the present traces the influence of such images on public and professional opinion about abortion and …

  •         ек  е      е

    Мой сыночек день за днем
    Лилия Мефодьевна Савко, Савко Л М

    Книга поможет разобраться в том, что происходит с вашим сыночком в первый год жизни. Вы научитесь не пониковать, если малыш …

  • Portraits of Pregnancy

    Portraits of Pregnancy
    Jennifer Loomis, Hugo Kugiya

    This book gives pregnant women the information and affirmation they crave.

  • Making Postmodern Mothers

    Making ‘Postmodern’ Mothers
    Meredith Nash

    This book, the first of its kind, provides a multi-disciplinary, empirical account of pregnant embodiment and how it fits into wider sociological and feminist discourses about gender, bodies, "fitness," "fat," feminism, celebrity and …

  • The Contented Baby with Toddler Book

    The Contented Baby with Toddler Book
    Gina Ford

    A major feature of the book is the adaptable routines, specifically designed to help you structure your day and meet all the needs of your toddler and your new baby… and still have time for lots of cuddles.

  • Nappy Free Baby

    Nappy Free Baby
    Amber Hatch

    This unique book shows parents how to break free from nappies and tricky toilet training.

  • The Pregnancy and Postpartum Anxiety Workbook

    The Pregnancy and Postpartum Anxiety Workbook
    Kevin Gyoerkoe, Pamela Wiegartz

    The book also includes a chapter that offers tips to help fathers understand and support their partners. How I wish I'd had this book when I suffered from postpartum obsessive-compulsive disorder!

  • Dorme finalmente

    Dorme, finalmente!
    Christine Rankl

    Questo libro fa per voi.La dottoressa Rankl, con il suo tono tranquillizzante e mai didascalico, aiuta i genitori a individuare la causa dei problemi di sonno del proprio bambino, e la soluzione più efficace per sè.

  •  Contar hasta tres

    ¡Contaré hasta tres!
    Jo Frost

    Nadie nace sabiendo cómo ser un buen padre y tampoco existe un manual de cómo serlo; y es que nada te cambia tanto la vida como tener un hijo. ¡Contaré hasta tres! es una mochila repleta de auténticos recursos que te ayudarán en el …

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