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  • Shiatsu for Inner Harmony and Balance

    Shiatsu for Inner Harmony and Balance

    Change is only 50 minutes away! Find out everything you need to know about shiatsu with this straightforward guide.

  • Massage for Busy People

    Massage for Busy People
    Dawn Groves

    With clear instructions and 30 photographs, this books describes various types of self-massage techniques for relieving stress and relaxing.

  • Oil Pulling The Magic of Ancient Era

    Oil Pulling – The Magic of Ancient Era
    M. Usman, John Davidson

    In this book we shall try to unveil the things behind this ayurvedic technique, which will make your oral healthcare easier. Oil pulling is an ancient phenomenon revisited in the early twentieth century by Dr. Karach.

  • Creating Peace with Your Hands

    Creating Peace with Your Hands
    Karina Braun

    Every chapter in this 200-page book contains prevention tips as well as illustrations for corrective techniques that help alleviate acute and chronic pain, identify stress patterns to reduce muscle tension.

  • Hot stone massage

    Hot stone massage
    Margaret Riley

    The appendices complete this book with a description of the different types of strokes used in a hot stone massage along with the types of stone and their best use depending upon their size and shape.

  • The 10 Series Companion

    The 10-Series Companion
    Brian Johnson

    The 10-Series Companion is a client's guide to the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, or Rolfing.

  • Die Zweiflerin

    Die Zweiflerin
    Karin Hinse

    Wer hat das nicht schon erlebt?

  • Bodybuilding Motivation

    Bodybuilding Motivation
    Andrew Pense

    Each rep, each stretch, each gate means one step closer. Each stride and pull makes my enemies shrink in fear and my allies feel more secure. This isn't lifting, working out, or jogging. This is a battle. No, this is war.

  • C est un beau jour pour guĂ rir

    C’est un beau jour pour guĂ©rir
    Jean-Pierre Le Rallic

    Ainsi que d’autres outils, comme les rĂ©flexologies (plantaires, iridologies et auriculaires), qui permettent de donner des indications et apporter une aide. Ă€ PROPOS DE L'AUTEUR Jean-Pierre Le Rallic, naturopathe et musicien, s’est …

  • The Everything Massage Book

    The Everything Massage Book
    Valerie Voner

    Unfortunately, spas and massage therapies can be prohibitively expensive. The Everything Massage Book provides readers with all they need to put professional massage techniques to use in their own homes.

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