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  • Two Or More A Guy s Guide Through Infertility Assistance Pregnancy and Multiple Births

    Two Or More-A Guy’s Guide Through Infertility Assistance, Pregnancy and Multiple Births
    Brett Sparks

    With caustic wit and great understanding, Brett Sparks has written Two or More-A Guy's Guide to Infertility Treatment, Pregnancy and Multiple Births.

  • The Rise of Viagra

    The Rise of Viagra
    Meika Loe

    Provides details on the history of Viagra and the social phenomenon that surrounds it.

  • Unsung Lullabies

    Unsung Lullabies
    Martha Diamond, David Diamond, Janet Jaffe

    Janet Jaffe, Martha Diamond, and David Diamond-specialists in the field of Reproductive Psychology who have each experienced their own struggle with infertility-give couples the tools to: *Reduce their sense of helplessness and isolation …

  • Ever Upward

    Ever Upward
    Justine Brooks Froelker

    "Ever Upward" is Justine Froelker’s surprising story of triumph over terrible luck. This is the story of how Justine redefined her childless life and learned to be okay, whole and happy with a full childfree life.

  • Planning Parenthood

    Planning Parenthood
    Rebecca A. Clark, Gloria Richard-Davis, Jill Hayes, Michelle Murphy, Katherine Pucheu Theall

    Aims to guide prospective parents through the complicated mazes of assisted reproduction and adoption. This work describes fertility assistance, surrogacy, and adoption, clearly outlining the requirements of each strategy.

  • Technology and Infertility

    Technology and Infertility
    Linda Bickerstaff

    Discusses the advances in reproductive technology, presenting information on the causes of infertility and such treatments as drug therapy, egg donation, and insemination.

  • Third Party Assisted Conception Across Cultures

    Third Party Assisted Conception Across Cultures
    Eric Blyth, Ruth Landau

    First published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • It Starts with the Egg

    It Starts with the Egg
    Rebecca Fett

    With a concrete strategy that includes minimizing exposure to toxins such as BPA and phthalates, choosing the right vitamins and supplements to safeguard developing eggs, and harnessing nutritional advice shown to boost IVF success rates, …

  • Conceiving

    Dr. Pierre Miron, Mathieu Provençal, Denis Gingras

    Infertility affects between 10 and 15 percent of couples in western countries, and causes major suffering.

  • Ketone Therapy

    Ketone Therapy
    Bruce Fife

    Our bodies actually need fat for optimal health and function more efficiently using fat for fuel. In this book you will discover how people are successfully using the ketogenic diet to prevent and treat chronic and degenerative disease.

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