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  • Virtuous Transcendence

    Virtuous Transcendence
    Keum Young Chung Pang

    Here is a book that enables laypersons, researchers, scholars and health providers to work more closely together through an understanding of cultural differences and harmony.

  • Cancer As a Turning Point

    Cancer As a Turning Point
    Lawrence LeShan

    He has put his findings–full of meaning and purpose–into this revised edition that shows how psychological change, along with medical treatment, mobilizes a compromised immune system for healing.

  • Healthy Cities

    Healthy Cities
    Chinmoy Sarkar, Chris Webster, John Gallacher

    In this book, the authors conceptualize the •urban health nicheê as a novel approach to

  • Into the Daylight

    Into the Daylight
    Calvin Morrisseau

    The book is unique in that it offers guidance on ways in which communities can heal. While the book was written for people who work with aboriginal people, the wholistic approach Morrisseau uses can benefit anyone.

  • Midwifery Women s Health Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Guide

    Midwifery & Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Guide
    Beth M. Kelsey, Assistant Professor Dnp Program Director Ball State University Muncie Indiana Board of Directors National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health Beth M Kelsey, Jamille Nagtalon-Ramos, Jamille Nagtalon-Ramos, Msn, Crnp

    Completely updated and revised with the most current evidence and practice standards, the new edition incorporates expanded content on pharmacology, pathophysiology, and diagnostic tools.Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is …

  • The Truth About LSD and Hallucinogens

    The Truth About LSD and Hallucinogens
    Corona Brezina

    LSD has had a colorful history, to say the least.

  • Patientencoaching Gesundheitscoaching Case Management

    Patientencoaching, Gesundheitscoaching, Case Management
    Ralph Lägel, Klaus Meyer-Lutterloh, Elmar Schmid, Rainer Seiler, John N. Weatherly

    Die Patienten werden mehr und mehr die Wähler, die Entscheider, die Informationsbedürftigen und die Verbraucher.

  • How to Get Rid of Asthma Naturally

    How to Get Rid of Asthma Naturally
    John Davidson

    A single visit to a doctor costs too much. “Americans spend, through direct and indirect expenses, a total of $19.7 million each year for the treatment of asthma" (American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology) This book focuses on …

  • The Hollywood Trainer Weight Loss Plan

    The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan
    Jeanette Jenkins

    This empowering book is illustrated with detailed black-and-white exercise photos along with before-and- after pictures and testimonials of many people who have successfully followed this program.

  • How to Relax

    How to Relax
    Patrick Davis

    If you have been contemplating the value of learning effective relaxation skills and are ready to jump in with both feet and get right to work, this is the book for you.

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