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  • Cancer As a Turning Point

    Cancer As a Turning Point
    Lawrence LeShan

    He has put his findings–full of meaning and purpose–into this revised edition that shows how psychological change, along with medical treatment, mobilizes a compromised immune system for healing.

  • Becoming a Physical Education Teacher

    Becoming a Physical Education Teacher
    Gary Stidder

    This engaging new book explains the process of becoming and being a teacher of secondary school physical education, from the various routes of entry into the profession, to the realities of being a qualified PE teacher, to the ways in which …

  • How to Get Rid of Asthma Naturally

    How to Get Rid of Asthma Naturally
    John Davidson

    A single visit to a doctor costs too much. “Americans spend, through direct and indirect expenses, a total of $19.7 million each year for the treatment of asthma" (American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology) This book focuses on …

  • The Hollywood Trainer Weight Loss Plan

    The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan
    Jeanette Jenkins

    This empowering book is illustrated with detailed black-and-white exercise photos along with before-and- after pictures and testimonials of many people who have successfully followed this program.

  • Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections

    Healing Lyme Disease Coinfections
    Stephen Harrod Buhner

    Distilling hundreds of peer-reviewed journal articles on the latest scientific research on Bartonella, Mycoplasma, and Lyme disease, Stephen Buhner examines the complex synergy between these infections and reveals how all three can go …

  • An Introduction to Performance Analysis of Sport

    An Introduction to Performance Analysis of Sport
    Peter O’Donoghue

    This book is an essential introduction to the fundamental principles of performance analysis of sport and how to develop and operate performance analysis systems.

  • Ayurvedic Balancing

    Ayurvedic Balancing
    Joyce Bueker

    Bueker combines her experience as a bodybuilder and power lifter to present aprogram that integrates Western fitness with Eastern wellness. Illustrations.Charts.

  • New Bach Flower Body Maps

    New Bach Flower Body Maps
    Dietmar Krc$mer, Helmut Wild

    One of Germany's most innovative Bach flower practitioners presents his healing system, which correlates zones of the body with appropriate remedies. Profusely illustrated. Includes many case studies.

  • Olympic Education

    Olympic Education
    Roland Naul, Deanna Binder, Antonin Rychtecky, Ian Culpan

    A fundamental component of the Olympic ideal is the concept of Olympic education. This is the notion that sport can help children and young people develop essential life skills.

  • UnDiet

    Meghan Telpner

    Meghan Telpner's UnDiet reimagines the way we look at our health and our ability to change it.

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