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  • Tinnitus No More

    Tinnitus No More
    Brian M. Lawrence

    Some of the best ways to manage tinnitus is through alternative and natural remedies. This is where "Tinnitus No More" can help.

  • My Happy Avatar

    My Happy Avatar
    Liana Lianov

    This book provides important skills to help you feel happier, have more energy, lose weight or achieve any goal! Actively engage with a community of people who apply this novel personality-based approach.

  • L audition

    Pierre Campo

    À la découverte des mystères de l'audition Spécialiste de l’audition, Pierre Campo nous raconte une histoire qui prête à sourire parfois.

  • Living and Learning with a Child Who Stutters

    Living and Learning with a Child Who Stutters
    Lise G. Cloutier-Steele

    Living & Learning with a Child Who Stutters from a parent's point of view.

  • What Color Is Your Hair Sense Sensation Books for Kids

    What Color Is Your Hair? | Sense & Sensation Books for Kids
    Baby Professor

    What is the color of your hair?


    Paula Pfeifer

    Nesta obra, Paula Pfeifer conta como foi perder a audição desde a infância até chegar à surdez bilateral profunda aos 31 anos e, então, fazer um implante coclear e voltar a ouvir.

  • How Do Pets Sound Sense Sensation Books for Kids

    How Do Pets Sound? | Sense & Sensation Books for Kids
    Baby Professor

    Ensured to keep your kids attention and interest, this book presents the learning method in a creative and colorful way. No boredom is allowed for your precious ones. Get a copy now!

  • The Aphasia Therapy File Volume 2

    The Aphasia Therapy File, Volume 2
    Sally Byng, Judith Felson Duchan, Carole Pound

    This second volume continues to explore the possibility of bridging the gap between therapy in a clinical setting and the practical issues faced by the person living with aphasia.

  • Discourse Analysis and Applications

    Discourse Analysis and Applications
    Ronald L. Bloom, Loraine K. Obler, Susan De Santi, Jonathan S. Ehrlich

    This book's contributors begin with the notion that systematic examination of discourse provides a rich source of data for describing the complex relationships among language, social context, and the cognitive processes that underlie …

  • Out With It

    Out With It
    Katherine Preston

    An engaging account of a young woman's efforts to find an effective cure for her lifelong stuttering describes the ostracism she faced throughout her youth and the humiliating experience that prompted her nationwide work with therapists, …

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