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  • The Digestive Health Solution

    The Digestive Health Solution
    Benjamin I. Brown ND

    One in four people has an existing digestive health condition. Read this book to improve any existing conditions and bulletproof your future health.

  • Health Promotion Practice

    Health Promotion Practice
    Macdowall, Wendy, Bonnell, Chris, Davies, Maggie

    This book considers the key steps in the practical application of health promotion.

  • Moments in Time

    Moments in Time
    Ted Rogers

    A gratifying and moving account of how we truly can make a difference, Moments in Time: A Journal into the World of Hospice will change the way you think about growing old and may produce a few laughs along the way.

  • Do You Really Need Surgery

    Do You Really Need Surgery?
    Michele Moore, Caroline M. De Costa

    Annotation At last, here is a user-friendly guide to gynecologic surgery.

  • Humanizing Health Care

    Humanizing Health Care
    Melanie Sears, RN MBA

    Focusing on the language used in the health care system, this manual teaches health care administrators, nurses, physicians, and mental health practitioners how to create lasting, positive improvements to patient care and the workplace …

  • Older Adult Led Health Promotion in Urban Communities

    Older Adult-Led Health Promotion in Urban Communities
    Melvin Delgado

    Older adult-led interventions, as addressed in various sections of this book, is one of the latest and most promising approaches towards health promotion that is grass-roots and community participatory based.

  • Cornucopia

    D. Patrick Johnson

    Cornucopia explores the health and economic implications of U.S. farm policy.

  • Health Inequality

    Health Inequality
    Yukiko Asada

    In this study, Yukiko Asada seeks to acknowledge the role that morality and theories of justice play in health inequality research, and to articulate the moral philosophy underlying this field of inquiry.

  • America s Great Healthcare

    America’s Great Healthcare
    Maury Coffee

    Historical Firsts and Innovations in the Development of Healthcare are Presented.

  • The Alzheimer s Caregiving Puzzle

    The Alzheimer’s Caregiving Puzzle
    Patricia R. Callone, Connie Kudlacek, BS

    Although no one has all the answers to the puzzle of Alzheimer's yet, this book will help people to understand and give better care to persons living with and the people caring for them.

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