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  • The Everything Parent s Guide To Children With Juvenile Diabetes

    The Everything Parent’s Guide To Children With Juvenile Diabetes
    Moira McCarthy, Jake Kushner

    As a parent of a child diagnosed with diabetes, you are faced with overwhelming, and sometimes frightening, questions like: Will my child be able to eat sweets again?

  • The Implementation of Health Promoting Schools

    The Implementation of Health Promoting Schools
    Oddrun Samdal, Louise Rowling

    With contributions from leading experts around the world, this book is structured around three main sections: Part One: addresses the theory base for implementation of health promoting schools Part Two: provides examples through case …

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    Уроки з основ здоров’я 5 клас. Посібник для вчителя
    Людмила Репіленко

    У посібнику подано розробки уроків з основ здоров’я для учнів п’ятого класу, зміст яких відповідає чинній навчальній програмі …

  • Kauza o kov n

    Kauza očkování
    Jan Vavrečka

    MUDr. Jan Vavrečka vysvětluje základy soukolí očkovacího „velkostroje“ tak, aby vás už nikdy nikdo neoklamal a netahal za nos.

  • Fat Dad Fat Kid

    Fat Dad, Fat Kid
    Shay Butler, Gavin Butler

    This weight-loss memoir from the father and son team of YouTube stars describe their long-time battle with being overweight and describe what they finally did to shed the pounds and regain their health. Original.

  • Super Baby Food

    Super Baby Food
    Ruth Yaron

    The book is filled with new recipes, new resources, and ways to connect with rapidly growing Super Baby Food communities online, all in an easy-to-navigate format. The third edition of Super Baby Food is completely revised and updated.

  • Suffering Succotash

    Suffering Succotash
    Stephanie V.W. Lucianovic

    How does the gag reflex affect pickiness (and what secrets do sword swallowers impart to help overcome it)? Suffering Succotash is a wide-angle look into the world of picky eating, told by a writer who’s been in the culinary trenches.

  • No Longer a Secret

    No Longer a Secret
    Doreit Sarah Bialer, Lucy Jane Miller

    Aimed at parents, teachers or therapists, this book provides cost-effective and functional problem-solving tips to use with children who have sensory issues at home, school or in a community setting.

  • Spunky

    Sarah Strydom

    Join me on my journey of becoming a cancer survivor, and against all odds a provincial badminton player. The words in this book are Sarah’s, or Spunky as she is affectionately known.

  • Childhood Obesity in America

    Childhood Obesity in America
    Laura Dawes

    Laura Dawes traces changes in diagnosis, treatment, and popular conceptions of the most serious health problem facing American children today, and makes the case that understanding the cultural history of a disease is critical to developing …

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