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  • Book of Topiary

    Book of Topiary
    Charles Curtis, W. Gibson

    This book, first published in 1904, is a classic in the subject, written by two foremost experts of the day: Charles H. Curtis, a Fellow of the Royal Horticultural Society and formerly at Kew Gardens near London, and W. Gibson, head …

  • The Art of Creative Pruning

    The Art of Creative Pruning
    Jake Hobson

    These are just a few of the unusual ideas featured in the beautifully photographed pages.

  • Brookgreen Gardens Atalaya

    Brookgreen Gardens: Atalaya
    Robin R. Salmon

    Railroad and shipyard heir Archer Milton Huntington and his sculptor wife, Anna Hyatt Huntington, bought four former rice plantations on the northeastern coast of South Carolina in 1930 to create a winter home.

  • Hydroponics

    Adidas Wilson

    Well, this is true, as it is one form of hydroponics gardening which has been referred to as nutrient film technique or NFT. Just like anything you get into, the first goal to accomplish is having a plan.

  • The Arts and Crafts Garden

    The Arts and Crafts Garden
    Sarah Rutherford

    Sarah Rutherford here explores the winding paths and meticulously shaped hedges, the gazebos and gateways, the formal terraces and the billowing border plantings that characterised the Arts and Crafts garden, and directs readers and …

  • Classic Bonsai of Japan

    Classic Bonsai of Japan
    John Bester

    This title introduces a collection of the finest bonsai pieces to be found in Japan today. Over 180 plates of priceless specimens with informative commentary provide a definitive tour of the bonsai world.

  • Topiary for Everyone

    Topiary for Everyone
    Bobby Meyer

    Topiary is experiencing a revival of interest. Step-by-step photography illustrates innovative design projects, suitable for courtyard gardens, and both large and small gardens.'

  • Topiaries Espaliers

    Topiaries & Espaliers
    Linda Yang

    Shows how to shape vines and herbs, create topiary, and trim espaliered shrubs and fruit trees

  • Bonsai

    Jochen Pfisterer

    La naturaleza en miniatura dentro de casa