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  • Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities

    Keeping Bees in Towns and Cities
    Luke Dixon

    Urban beekeeping has particular challenges and needs, and this book highlights the challenges and presents practices that are safe, legal, and neighbor-friendly.

  • Paradise Lot

    Paradise Lot
    Eric Toensmeier, Jonathan Bates

    Tells the story of two single men who turned a backyard lot into a productive garden, with advice on setting up a permaculture, choosing suitable food plants, and designing an urban garden that functions as a natural ecosystem.

  • Beyond Buds

    Beyond Buds
    Ed Rosenthal

    Completely updated with full-color photographs that are both “how-to” guides and eye candy, this book enables not only the health-conscious toker but also the bottom line–driven cultivator.

  • La poda de frutales

    La poda de frutales
    Hansjörg Haas

    Cómo y cuándo podar cada especie. Plantas frutales más sanas, más bellas y con floraciones más abundantes

  • Practical Organic Gardening

    Practical Organic Gardening
    Mark Highland

    Written by Mark Highland, founder of The Organic Mechanic, this is far from a hippie manifesto; it is a scientifically driven, modern-day dive into the organic methods, products, and practices that will appeal to any home gardener looking …

  • The Biology of Vines

    The Biology of Vines
    Francis E. Putz

    This 1992 book is a treatment of what was known about climbing plants, written by a group of experts.

  • Book of Topiary

    Book of Topiary
    Charles Curtis, W. Gibson

    This book, first published in 1904, is a classic in the subject, written by two foremost experts of the day: Charles H. Curtis, a Fellow of the Royal Horticultural Society and formerly at Kew Gardens near London, and W. Gibson, head …

  • Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener

    Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener
    Joseph Tychonievich

    Brighter zinnias, fragrant carnations, snappier green beans Plant Breeding for the Home Gardener makes it easier than ever to breed and grow your own varieties of vegetables and flowers.

  • One Straw Revolutionary

    One-Straw Revolutionary
    Larry Korn

    One-Straw Revolutionary represents the first commentary on the work of the late Japanese farmer and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka (1913 – 2008), widely considered to be natural farming’s most influential practitioner.

  • Weeding Without Chemicals

    Weeding Without Chemicals
    Bob Flowerdew

    Because every weed is best removed with a different method, Weeding Without Chemicals begins with a discussion of the various weed categories.

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