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  • Perennial Shade Gardening

    Perennial Shade Gardening
    Douglas Green

    This is a 30-year specialist nurseryman sharing his specialist growing secrets you can apply in your home garden.

  • Pflegereduzierte GrĂ nflĂ chen

    Pflegereduzierte Grünflächen
    Andreas Schulte, Angelika Eppel-Hotz, Beate HĂĽttenmoser, Bettina Jaugstetter, Cassian Schmidt, Dieter Felger, Erwin Murer, Georg Krause, Jochen Veser, Kornelia Marzini, Ralf Semmler, Sigurd Henne, Stefan Schmidt

    Vorteile: – Pflegereduzierte BegrĂĽnungen mit Stauden, Ansaaten und Wiesenmischungen ermöglichen es, GrĂĽnflächen attraktiv und zugleich kostenoptimiert zu gestalten.

  • Planting the Dry Shade Garden

    Planting the Dry Shade Garden
    Graham Rice

    In this book you'll learn how to prune selectively to admit more light and how to amend soil to increase its moisture retention.

  • Designing and Planting a Woodland Garden

    Designing and Planting a Woodland Garden
    Keith Wiley

    In Designing and Planting the Woodland Garden, Keith Wiley explains how to combine plants in natural, self-supporting colonies.

  • Got Shade

    Got Shade?
    Carolyn Harstad

    Carolyn Harstad, author of the best-selling Go Native!, organizes this book around the principle that an interesting shade garden is well balanced and has a variety of plantings. Early chapters focus on designing the low-maintenance garden.

  • Rock Gardening

    Rock Gardening
    Joseph Tychonievich

    AHS Book Award winner Rock gardening —the art of growing alpines and other miniature plants in the company of rocks in order to recreate the look of a rugged mountaintop—has been surging in popularity.

  • Miniature Moss Gardens

    Miniature Moss Gardens
    Megumi Oshima, Hideshi Kimura

    Friendly enough for total beginners and full of ideas and tips that experienced gardeners will love to read about, this moss gardening book brings you information on the following: Finding and collecting moss Cultivation and maintenance …

  • The Book of Little Hostas

    The Book of Little Hostas
    Kathy Guest Shadrack, Michael Shadrack

    Some are better garden plants than others, and a valuable function of this book is to showcase the very best of the new introductions.

  • Glorious Shade

    Glorious Shade
    Jenny Rose Carey

    You'll learn how to determine what type of shade you have and how to choose the right plants for the space. The book also shares the techniques, design and maintenance tips that are key to growing a successful shade garden.

  • Southern Shade

    Southern Shade
    Jo Kellum

    An illustrated horticultural reference focuses on plants for Southern gardens that thrive in conditions that can stymie even the most optimistic landscapers, and tailors choices to variances in light, moisture, and seasonal fluctuations.

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