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  • Discovering Australian Flora

    Discovering Australian Flora
    Fanny Karouta-Manasse

    This book will appeal to both local and overseas readers wishing to become more familiar with Australian native flora. The striking photographs will appeal to anyone with an appreciation and passion for nature's beauty.

  • Flower Growing in the North

    Flower Growing in the North
    George E. Luxton

    Rich with historical and cultural value, these works are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions.

  • Garden Wisdom

    Garden Wisdom
    Jerry Apps

    Gardening has always been a group endeavor for the Apps family. In Garden Wisdom, readers will learn gardening basics along with Jerry’s grandchildren as they become a new generation of gardeners.

  • The Garden Beautiful in California

    The Garden Beautiful in California
    Ernest Braunton

    Ernest Braunton's 1915 manual offers practical gardening advice to aid those who are planting in California.

  • The Garden Lover s Guide to the South

    The Garden Lover’s Guide to the South
    Paul Bennett

    " These three new volumes complete our survey of American gardens; together, the four books feature over 500 public gardens across the country. Each book is designed for readers to use as they travel through a state or region.

  • Carolinas Getting Started Garden Guide

    Carolinas Getting Started Garden Guide
    Toby Bost

    Carolinas Getting Started Garden Guide is a plant selection guide, perfect for when you're choosing plants and starting a garden in a climate that can be as challenging as it is beautiful.

  • Sheridan Nurseries

    Sheridan Nurseries
    Edward Butts, Karl Stensson

    This beautifully designed book tells the 100-year story behind Ontario's beloved Sheridan Nurseries from its creation by Howard and Lorrie Dunington-Grubb to its overwhelming success today.

  • Touring Texas Gardens

    Touring Texas Gardens
    Jessie Gunn Stephens

    Beautiful, accessible, even educational public gardens offer delights for travelers all over the state who want to get close to Nature.

  • Growing Good Things to Eat in Texas

    Growing Good Things to Eat in Texas
    Pamela Walker

    Profiles eleven organic farmers and ranchers in the state of Texas, discussing their locations, backgrounds, motives, practices, and other related topics, and including full-color photographs.

  • Wildflowers of Massachusetts Connecticut and Rhode Island in Color

    Wildflowers of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island in Color
    William K. Chapman, Alan E. Bessette

    Comprehensive in scope, this guide book offers descriptions of commonly encountered, rare, and even protected species not seen in other guides.

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