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  • Sakuteiki

    Jiro Takei, Marc P. Keane

    Learn the art of Japanese gardening with this classic, fascinating text. The Sakuteiki, or "Records of Garden Making," was written nearly one thousand years ago.

  • Japanese Flower Arrgt Primer

    Japanese Flower Arrgt- Primer
    Ellen G. Allen

    With talent and facility, expression in these art forms is Satisfying. And this is true also of flower arranging, an ancient art that can express a thought or mood and in a sense combine the expression of severnl other media.

  • Japanese Flower Arrangement

    Japanese Flower Arrangement
    Ellen Allen

    This Japanese gardening book is a practical, concise guide to flower arranging or Ikebana.

  • Japanese Zen Gardens

    Japanese Zen Gardens
    Russ Chard

    Japanese Zen gardens are serene havens of tranquil beauty and the perfect antidote to a stressful world. The author Russ Chard has written and published Japanese garden books, articles and videos for the past 10 years.

  • Japanese Ikebana for Every Season

    Japanese Ikebana for Every Season
    Yuji Ueno, Rie Imai

    No matter what time of year it is and regardless of your taste or budget—the arrangements in this book will lend a touch of Japanese elegance to your home.

  • Enfolding Silence

    Enfolding Silence
    Brett J. Esaki

    This book demonstrates how Japanese Americans have developed traditions of complex silences to survive historic moments of racial and religious oppression and how they continue to adapt these traditions today.

  • Bonsai and Penjing

    Bonsai and Penjing
    Ann McClellan

    This book tells the awe-inspiring stories of bonsai and penjing trees in the collection of the National Arboretum in Washington D.C. It details their valuable role in international diplomacy and as instruments of American presidential …

  • L arte del bonsai

    L’arte del bonsai
    Antonio Ricchiari

    ePub: FL0467

  • Miniature Bonsai

    Miniature Bonsai
    Terutoshi Iwai

    From mixing the right growing medium to choosing the perfect pot to displaying your mini bonsai, this Japanese gardening book gives you basic techniques and valuable tips to help you grow miniature: flowering trees pines maples oaks …

  • What’s BONSAI ?

    日本を代表する園芸文化が「盆栽」です。長い歴史があり、最近ではcool Japanのひとつとして、外国人にも高い人気を得ています。 …

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