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  • The Essential Earthman

    The Essential Earthman
    Henry Mitchell

    "The most soul-satisfying gardening book in years." —New York Times (March 1982, reviewing the 1981 cloth edition from IU Press).

  • The Meaning of Gardens

    The Meaning of Gardens
    Mark Francis, Randolph T. Hester

    maps out how the garden is perceived, designed, used, and valued

  • American Eden

    American Eden
    Wade Graham

    “American Eden moves luminously through landscapes of history, literature, biography, and design theory. . . . fusing sharp-edged analysis and graceful American prose.” —Kevin Starr, author of Golden Gate: The Life and Times of …

  • Our Life in Gardens

    Our Life in Gardens
    Joe Eck, Wayne Winterrowd

    This is the third book we have written together, though separately we have written others .

  • Thomas Jefferson as an Architect

    Thomas Jefferson as an Architect
    William Lambeth, Warren Manning

    Lambeth and Manning's groundbreaking 1913 work is a study of Thomas Jefferson, not as author, politician, or statesman, but as architect and landscape designer.

  • How to Lay Out a Garden

    How to Lay Out a Garden
    Edward Kemp

    ""This 1858 work is the first American edition of a work that had already been through two editions in England. It is a comprehensive source on landscape design, complete with sketches and detailed instructions for lots of all sizes.""

  • Planting Design

    Planting Design
    Theodore D. Walker

    Unique to this book are discussions on using a microcomputer for selecting plants, preparing cost estimates and writing specifications.

  • Exploring the Boundaries of Landscape Architecture

    Exploring the Boundaries of Landscape Architecture
    Simon Bell, Ingrid Sarlov Herlin, Richard Stiles

    The book is an important addition to the literature on landscape architecture and provides a valuable companion to landscape theory modules for undergraduate and postgraduate students"–

  • The Aromatherapy Garden

    The Aromatherapy Garden
    Kathi Keville

    Beat the blues with wintersweet. And use rose geranium to relieve anxiety and stress. Revealed here are the scents, secrets, and science behind plant aromatherapy, and how to optimize its full benefits.

  • The Nonstop Color Garden

    The Nonstop Color Garden
    Nellie Neal

    In The Nonstop Color Garden, author Nellie Neal shows how to use color as an exciting element in your garden during all four seasons–and it's not just flowers!

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