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  • Green Bay Packers IQ

    Green Bay Packers IQ
    Joel Katte

    This is a franchise steeped in tradition and rich in history—and all of it can be found within these pages: the great players, from Johnny Blood to Clay Matthews, Bart Starr to Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers, every title game, and the …

  • Fantasy Football and Mathematics

    Fantasy Football and Mathematics
    Dan Flockhart

    The book includes more than 100 scoring systems that give you the flexibility to customize the content according to your students' skill levels.

  • Cincinnati Reds IQ

    Cincinnati Reds IQ
    Tucker Elliot, Joe Soriano

    This is a book of history and trivia that covers all eras of Reds baseball but it is also a tribute to the legacy of Sparky Anderson and the professionals who made up the Big Red Machine. Think you know everything about Reds baseball?

  • Fantasy Soccer and Mathematics

    Fantasy Soccer and Mathematics
    Dan Flockhart

    " –Jeffrey R. Thomas, founder and CEO,;president, Fantasy Sports Trade Association This workbook is designed to be used in conjunction with Fantasy Soccer and Mathematics: A Resource Guide for Teachers and Parents.

  • F TBOL Jugar en defensa

    FÚTBOL. Jugar en defensa
    Jens Bangsbo, Birger Peitersen

    Jens Bangsbo, científico en el ámbito del deporte en la Universidad de Copenhague, es un experto reconocido a nivel internacional por sus estudios en el campo de la fisiología del fútbol.

  • The Savvy Guide to Fantasy Sports

    The Savvy Guide to Fantasy Sports
    Michael Harmon, Mike Harmon

    Taking a fresh approach to fantasy sports, this guide covers strategies and techniques both unique to specific sports, and trends applicable to all sports, while providing tips to help the casual player get the most out of every game.

  • Boston Red Sox IQ

    Boston Red Sox IQ
    Bill Nowlin

    Think again. Test yourself to find out how smart you really are about the Boston Red Sox. Are you a rookie? Are you a proven, hardcore veteran? Or will you be clearing waivers for your pending release halfway through the book?

  • E Learning Technologies and Evidence Based Assessment Approaches

    E-Learning Technologies and Evidence-Based Assessment Approaches
    Spratt, Christine

    "This book aims to provide readers with a variety of contemporary solutions to identified educational problems of practice related to the assessment of student learning in e-learning environments"–Provided by publisher.

  • EDUCACI N F SICA 1o de Bachillerato Libro de Texto del alumno Color

    EDUCACIÓN FÍSICA 1o de Bachillerato. Libro de Texto del alumno (Color)
    Vicente Martínez de Haro

    BLOQUE 1 Condición física y salud Pruebas de condición física Beneficios y riesgos de la actividad física Práctica de sistemas y ejercicios para el desarrollo de las capacidades físicas Programa personal de actividad física y salud …

  • Fantasy Baseball and Mathematics

    Fantasy Baseball and Mathematics
    Dan Flockhart

    "The innovative math program based on real-life sports statistics" — cover.

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