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  • Green Bay Packers IQ

    Green Bay Packers IQ
    Joel Katte

    This is a franchise steeped in tradition and rich in history—and all of it can be found within these pages: the great players, from Johnny Blood to Clay Matthews, Bart Starr to Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers, every title game, and the …

  • Cincinnati Reds IQ

    Cincinnati Reds IQ
    Tucker Elliot, Joe Soriano

    This is a book of history and trivia that covers all eras of Reds baseball but it is also a tribute to the legacy of Sparky Anderson and the professionals who made up the Big Red Machine. Think you know everything about Reds baseball?

  • E Learning Technologies and Evidence Based Assessment Approaches

    E-Learning Technologies and Evidence-Based Assessment Approaches
    Spratt, Christine

    "This book aims to provide readers with a variety of contemporary solutions to identified educational problems of practice related to the assessment of student learning in e-learning environments"–Provided by publisher.

  • Baltimore Orioles IQ

    Baltimore Orioles IQ
    Tucker Elliot

    You can't discuss the game's greatest moments without including the Orioles. You can't tour the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown without seeing the influence of the Birds. This is a book of trivia and history.

  • 51 Questions for the Diehard Fan

    51 Questions for the Diehard Fan
    Ryder Edwards

    And most of them are in this eBook, so step up and test your knowledge with these hardball questions about your favorite team—all the sluggers, hurlers, and greatest moments in Baltimore Orioles history … 51 questions to challenge the …

  • Miami Hurricanes IQ

    Miami Hurricanes IQ
    Craig T. Smith

    And if you live in the realm of Canes Fandom then this book of history and trivia is for you.

  • Tutto col Gioco Niente per Gioco

    Tutto col Gioco, Niente per Gioco
    Bp Edizioni

    "Educa i ragazzi col gioco, così riuscirai meglio a scoprire l'inclinazione naturale" (Platone) Questo libro ha lo scopo di dare un aiuto ai Capi Scout (ma anche altri educatori) nel curare quella dimensione educativa, a volte …

  • Tampa Bay Rays IQ

    Tampa Bay Rays IQ
    Tucker Elliot, Andy Sonnanstine

    Co-authored by Rays’ pitcher Andy Sonnanstine, Tampa Bay Rays IQ contains ten chapters of Rays’ history and offers up 200 brand-new trivia questions that will, in fact, reveal the true level of your fandom.

  • Major League Baseball IQ

    Major League Baseball IQ
    Tucker Elliot

    Think again! It's time to find out how much trivia you really know about Major League Baseball. Are you a rookie? Are you a tested, hardcore veteran? Or will you be clearing waivers for your pending release halfway through the book?

  • Football Fiction England v Argentina

    Football Fiction: England v Argentina
    Howard R. Crockett

    The book contains differing results dependant upon decisions made, and can be re-read time after time after time. Suitable for all football fans aged 8+, and no upper age limit!

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