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  • Winning Golf and Poker s Mind Game

    Winning Golf and Poker’s Mind Game
    John Gallagher

    However, the contents of Book 1 (golf) and Book 2 (poker) details and demonstrates that both are similar in many ways with the most important element being the sharing of mental attributes essential for initial and on-going consistent …

  • Caro s Book of Poker Tells

    Caro’s Book of Poker Tells
    Mike Caro

    One of the ten greatest books written on poker, this must-have book should be in every player's library.

  • Card Play

    Card Play
    Henry Lucas

    Fun for the whole family, this book includes instructions, rules, and tips for 30 of the most popular and classic card games for adults and families alike.

  • Win at Checkers

    Win at Checkers
    Millard Hopper

    Improve your game with tips from the former Unrestricted World Checker Champion!

  • Secrets of Short handed No Limit Hold em

    Secrets of Short-handed No-Limit Hold’em
    Danny Ashman

    There’s nowhere to hide – the slightest blip can cost you your entire stack, whilst a good play can bust your opponents. The weak players get crushed and the winners clean up. Buy this book and you will become a winner.

  • 52 Tips for Texas Hold Em Poker

    52 Tips for Texas Hold ‘Em Poker
    Barry Shulman

    You must walk before you can run, and this book teaches those first steps.

  • Hold em Wisdom For All Players

    Hold’em Wisdom For All Players
    Daniel Negreanu

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  • Blackjack Blueprint Second Edition

    Blackjack Blueprint–Second Edition
    Rick Blaine

    This revised edition contains new information on getting reimbursed for airline tickets, negotiating and optimizing rebates on gambling losses, hiding chips and disguising wins, security while on blackjack-related websites, protecting your …

  • The Advanced American Bidding System

    The Advanced American Bidding System
    Chris Hasney, with Jerry Pottier

    This is not a "Mom and Pop" book.

  • Super Poker

    Super Poker

    Porque não sabemos jogar. De uma forma simples e concisa, Super Poker ensina ao leitor as regras básicas deste jogo mítico e fascinante e transmite os conceitos fundamentais usados pelos jogadores mais experientes.

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