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  • Bedwetting

    Nicole Harrington

    Come and discover how you can help your child stop their bedwetting in the simplest and least stressful way. There is nothing as wonderful as the joy a child shows when they realize that they have overcome their bedwetting.

  • Toilet Training

    Toilet Training
    Vicki Lansky

    There is a Potty Progress Chart and a Potty Diploma to fill-in to post a child's successes. (The Potty Progress Chart and Potty Diploma are also available to printout at Vicki's website www.…go to toilet training.)

  • Potty Training

    Potty Training
    Mary Foxx

    This book is a must-have in order to give this indispensable training to our ‘baby citizens’ so as to make them able to properly and hygienically handle their ‘private affairs’.

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Toilet Training

    The American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Toilet Training
    American Academy Of Pediatrics

    The Toilet-Training Book Your Pediatrician Recommends How will I know when my child is ready? How can I handle bedwetting and other accidents? What’s the best way to make this a positive experience for both of us?

  • Booty Camp Toilet Training

    ”Booty” Camp Toilet Training
    Shannon Holmes Shedden

    How do I start toilet training? These questions are a couple of many that parents have when introducing toilet training. This handbook outlines what we believe to be a successful plan for assisting you in toilet training your child.

  • Successful Potty Training NCT

    Successful Potty Training (NCT)
    Heather Welford

    This practical guide answers all their questions: • When and how should it begin? • Is there a right or a wrong way to start? • What should you do if progress seems slow? • Tips for when you are out and about. • Where can you turn …